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Copper Metal Clay

Economical and affordable, Copper clay provides jewelry artists with an incredible artistic range. Create larger size jewelry, medallions and sculpture. Once fired, it becomes pure copper and is great for applying enamels. Shop all of our copper clay and get started working with this great metal clay. Copper clay comes in lump form (Cyprus, ArtClay and COPPRclay) and powder form (Goldie and Hadar).

Copper Lump form metal clay

Metal clay in this form can be used right out of the package. It is perfectly hydrated to start forming jewelry art. If you are concerned about the clay drying out take a look at Clay Hydrator, perfect for keeping Clay Hydrator for long periods of time.

Copper Powdered Metal Clay

We offer many types of metal clay in a powdered form. Powdered metal clay produces an unlimited shelf life. Only make what you need.