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Copper Findings and Charms

Take a look through our huge selection of Copper Findings and Charms such as Copper Blanks, Cable Ends, Charms, Headpins, Spacers, Links, Connectors and more. You will have a blast designing jewelry around the various Copper Findings and Charms while saving right here with us.

Copper End Caps

Our section of Copper End Caps features a variety of stand and swivel end caps in several different sizes. Use Copper End Caps with your choice of chain, chord and tube to get the look you have always desired.

Copper Slides

Our Copper Slides feature detailed patterns and designs to top off your jewelry pieces. These Copper Slides can accommodate multiple strands and do not limit your creative direction. Use our Copper Slides as spacers in between beads and other jewelry elements.

Copper Embeddable Settings

We offer Copper Embeddable Settings that can be embedded in wet clay and co-fired to complete your creations. Easily snap in stones to these pre-notched embeddable settings. Start adding colorful stones to your metal clay jewelry creations with help from our selection. Choose from a variety of sizes to add and connect any of your pendants to your pieces.

Copper Bead Caps

Choose from several sizes and styles of Copper Bead Caps including Copper Carved Flower, Leaf, Snowflake and more. Here you'll find all the bead caps you need to add unique touches to any copper jewelry piece.

Copper Blanks

Copper Blanks are used to make pendants, charms and other jewelry components. Choose from Copper Discs, Domed Oval, Oval Drops, Pendant Drops, Round, Shield and more. Copper Blanks provide endless possibilities for creating metal clay jewelry.

Copper Cable Ends

Copper Cable Ends can be used to connect necklaces and bracelets while offering sturdy and beautiful designs. Our selection of Copper Hook and Eye Crimp Ends can be crimped over stringing material to complete your jewelry pieces fast and easily.

Copper Charms

Add unique and personalized Copper Charms to bring out the brilliance of your metal clay jewelry projects. Find detailed designs like Celtic, Teddy Bear, Feather and more. Copper Charms are solid metal and are a great way to personalize your jewelry.

Copper Embeddable Eyelets

Copper Embeddable Eyelets can be placed in wet metal clay and co-fired instantly locking into place. After firing, you will have a permanent eyelet that can be used for several different jewelry pieces.

Copper Heishi Spacers

Copper Heishi Spacers are a trendy and beautiful way to add accents to your metal clay jewelry making projects. We carry several styles and sizes that can go in between beads, pendants, elements, charms and more. You can even double them up to put your own twist on it!

Copper Hook & Eye Clasps

Shop through a vast array of sizes and styles including Leaf Hook & Eye, Dragonfly Hook & Eye, Channel Hook & Eye Clasps and many more. Hook & Eye clasps can be used to complete your creations fast and easily.

Copper Jump Rings

We offer a selection of Copper Jump Rings including Butterfly Copper Jump Rings, Flower Copper Jump Rings, Double Circle Copper Jump Rings, Locking Twisted Copper Jump Rings a so much more. These Copper Jump Rings will really set your copper jewelry making projects apart from all the rest.

Copper Links & Connectors

Copper Links & Connectors can be used as a featured component, a filler, a base and more. Choose from several styles including Celtic, Chandelier, Flower, Floral, Double Hearted and more.

Copper Magnetic Clasps

Copper Magnetic Clasps offer quality construction and a strong hold to any necklace, bracelet or anklet.

Copper Multi-Strand Clasps

Copper Multi-Strand Clasps have up to 5 connectors and are versatile and sturdy, providing you with endless jewelry making possibilities.

Copper Pearl Cups

Copper Pearl Cups are traditionally placed in half-drilled pearls to add eyelets and connectors to beads and can easily be fastened with Epoxy.

Copper Pinch Bails

Copper Pinch bails can be used to connect pendants to your jewelry making projects. Pinch Bails offer the ability to place elements and pendants on any jewelry project quick and easy. Choose from a great selection of sizes and styles including Daisy, Fish, Leaf, Triangle and more.

Copper S-Hooks

Find several beautiful and sturdy Copper S-Hooks to connect pendants to your jewelry making projects. Discover unique and beautiful designs like Wrapped, Tentacle, Twisted and much more. Copper S-Hooks are traditionally used to connect necklaces and sometimes bracelets.

Copper Toggle Clasps

Shop through a vast array of styles like Designer Leaf, Circle Rope, Designer Flower, Double Wrapped, Wreath Dot, Spring, Plain designs and more. Toggle Clasps are a great way to complete your creations. Add them to necklaces and bracelets to provide beauty and functionality.