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Drying Form - Copper - Bracelet - Pkg/2
Copper Drying Form - Bracelet - Pkg of 2

Pkg of 2: $9.50
Product Dimensions: 2" x 6" - 24 gauge
Made in USA
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Drying Form - Copper - Bracelet

Fit the form over your wrist to adjust for size. Remove from your wrist. Wrap a strip of freezer paper, shiny side out, around the form and tape it to make a removable sleeve. Form the bracelet around the sleeve, then use cling wrap to hold the wet clay in place. Simply wrap a thin strip of plastic around the bracelet to hold the ends closed. Dry the article in the refrigerator or freezer overnight, then remove the plastic wrap, slide the sleeve off the form and peel the freezer wrap from the bracelet. The clay that contacted the freezer paper will still be damp. Allow the bracelet to dry overnight in the freezer or refrigerator. The form can be placed directly on a wooden or steel mandrel to form. The mandrel, with the sleeve fitted, can then be removed from the mandrel separately for drying. Rub a release such as Claymate, Slik or Badger Balm on the dome so the clay can slide as it dries, then lay the clay on the form and smooth down the sides if necessary to conform to the shape.

Our Skinny Cellophane roll is perfect for covering the clay for support while drying.

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