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CoolSlip Anti-Stick Solution
Cool Slip Anti-Stick Solution

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CoolSlip Anti-Stick Solution

Cool Tools Texture Tiles

Cool Tools CoolSlip is the first anti-stick product made just for metal clay and metal clay tools. Spray lightly on textures and tools before use for crisp, stick-free impressions. Use as a spray or brush on. A little goes a long way! Non-toxic and non-reactive.

Why is using an anti-stick product so important when working with metal clay?
Metal clay sticks to just about everything. Most things that come into contact with wet metal clay need to be conditioned with an anti-stick product to keep the clay from sticking. Cool Slip was formulated to create a barrier between metal clay, textures and tools, ensuring clean, crisp images as you texturize your metal clay.

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Cool Slip sprayed on a cleaning cloth makes an excellent cleaner for removing metal clay residue from tools and provides an anti-stick coating at the same time. This product also removes Gilders Paste from fingers.

Note: Hadar does not recommend using CoolSlip with Hadar's metal clay powder.

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