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Cool Tools Products

Here at Cool Tools you will find all that you need to create your own style of jewelry in metal clay, silver, copper, bronze and gold. We offer just about everything for creating beautiful works of art. Choose from a full line of Metal Clays, Textures, Molds, Templates, Rollers, Anti-Stick Products, tons of tools and much more. No matter what you are looking to create, we have all the right tools! Start shopping and working easier with help from all of our Cool Tools brand products.

Cools Tools offers the AlphaDisc to get your message your message across in any kind of soft clay. The AlphaDisc makes it easy to add letters to clay thanks to its rotating wheel. You can control the depth of each impression. The AlpaDisc works on a variety of surfaces and comes in various type sizes, styles and symbols. Find your favorite AlphaDisc Lettering Tool today at Cool Tools.

Use the Clayboard by Cool Tools to work more easily with Metal Clay. The ClayBoard offers a smooth Teflon surface that metal clay won't stick to. The ClayBoard features non-skid feet so your work is up off the table and the board stays where you put it. Work and assemble your creations on a handy, functional and quality made ClayBoard. Start working better and more efficiently with a little help from Cool Tools.

Discover Cool Slip, the amazing anti-stick solution from Cool Tools. A light mist of Cool Slip on almost any surface will release clay easily and cleanly . Get a smoother and neater finish to your Metal Clay creations when you use Cool Slip. This product is non-toxic and non-reactive. Cool Slip is the original and still the best anti-stick solution available, get yours today only from Cool Tools.
Cool Tools offers new and exclusive metal clay Embossing Templates. Embossing Templates offer the ability to press shapes into your metal clay jewelry creations. Each metal clay Embossing Template comes with a trim shape to layer amazing shapes. Choose from great shapes like Fluer De Lis, Butterflies, Daisies and more! Cool Tools offers you all the tools you need to make amazing jewelry.

Find a great selection of Jewelry Shape Templates by Cool Tools. These handy templates make cutting metal clay, metal and other clays into clean shapes a cinch. Our genuine Jewelry Shape Templates have a frosted surface, which makes it easy to find these templates on a cluttered work bench, yet still easy enough to see through the frosted Template when working with clay. Our sophisticated shapes will have you creating more beautiful jewelry effortlessly with Jewelry Shape Templates.

Cool Tools offer a perfect selection of Ring Pellet Molds and Kits. Creating Rings is fun and easy with the right tools. Our kits include finger gauges, mandrels, Redy Pellets Ring Sizers and more. Get all the right tools for creating your own Rings from metal clay. Cool Tools provides you with only the best tools, directions and guidance to create beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Make your metal clay jewelry amazing with help from Smoothies Sanding Sticks. Cool Tools offers Smoothies Sanding Sticks to sand, shape, polish, and refine your jewelry creations. Smoothies are premium metal clay sanding sticks that are available in coarse, medium and fine grits. Get the whole kit including 2 cleaning brushes to recover even more metal clay. The Smoothies Buff shines finished jewelry fast and easy. Get Smoothies Sanding Sticks today right here at Cool Tools.

Get your genuine Slik right here at Cool Tools. Slik is the balm made especially for working with Metal Clays. Slik is smooth and silky and made from all natural ingredients like pure soy, almond and aloe. Slik will help you work with Metal Clay by forming a barrier between the clay and whatever you apply it to that works better than anything else. Slik works like magic on hands, textures, tools, work surfaces, polymer molds, rubber stamps and objects to be molded. Get your genuine Slik today from Cool Tools.

Find genuine Tuff Cards right here at Cool Tools. We offer the authentic, original, Indestructible Tuff Cards. These Tuff Cards are super thick, stiff and very durable. Used in the process of creating, assembling and drying your Metal Clay creations. These Tuff Cards make it easy to move around your pieces of jewelry and are sturdy enough to withstand extreme heat. Get your Tuff Cards today from Cool Tools.

Start creating beautiful pieces of jewelry with Antique Molds for Metal Clay from Cool Tools. Choose from a huge variety of designs and styles at amazingly affordable prices to create your own unique works of art. All of our Antique Molds for metal clay are copyright free (angel policy) so you are free to create collections for sale or gifts without worry. Shop through and find your favorites to start your next project. Start creating today.

Discover Claymate for working with Metal Clay at Cool Tools. Created by us here at Cool Tools, ClayMate is an all natural hand conditioner that makes hands and fingers clay-proof. Claymate forms a barrier that keeps metal clay from sticking to most surfaces. Not only does ClayMate work better than balms and olive oil, its non-greasy and feels great on hands. Get Claymate for your next project right here at Cool Tools.

Cool Tools offers a fantastic selection of Copper Drying Forms. Start working with more efficient tools and creating more beautiful pieces of jewelry with Copper Drying Forms. These Forms can go from the freezer to the hot plate with no complications. Create perfect shapes on sturdy and durable Copper Drying Forms. Pick your preferred shape and start creating beautiful pieces of art with help from Cool Tools.

Cool Tools is the creator Cool Tools Patina Gel! Find Cool Tools Patina Gel only at Cool Tools! Patina Gel is liver of sulfur in a stabilized gel form. This type is Patina Gel is the most convenient, and easiest way to use liver of sulfur. It does not deteriorate when exposed to light and air. Get your hands on some today and start working easier.

Discover Rollable Texture Tiles at Cool Tools. These handy Rollable Texture Tiles are amazing for working with Metal Clay. Created with a built-in rolling surface that is large enough for any size jewelry project. You will love working with Rollable Texture Tiles. Available in a gorgeous array of designs, so you are sure to find one you love. Start creating more efficiently with Rollable Texture Tiles.

Find a wonderful selection of Texture Tiles here at Cool Tools. Our exclusive Texture Tiles are deeply etched for a wide range of depths. Texture Tiles are flexible, washable and can be used with any soft clay. Find your preferred Texture Tile and start creating fabulous pieces of jewelry. Get your Texture Tiles today and start working easier.

Get the Ultra Clay Pick for perfect precision when working with Metal Clay. Cool Tools offers this extremely fine tipped clay pick, that cuts through clay like a laser. This is the perfect tool to use when working with templates. Great for cutting out shapes effortlessly. You'll be amazed and delighted with this simple tool. Genuine Ultra Clay Picks are only available at Cool Tools.

Discover Clay Rolling Frames for jewelry projects from Cools Tools. Our Clay Thickness Rolling Frames (we call them Rolling Frames) makes working with and rolling clay slabs accurate and easy. Each of our Clay Rolling Frames are made to calibrated card thickness and we offer them in regular and jumbo sizes so you can roll any sized slab, textured or plain with speed and ease. Our Ultimate Roller is the best! Itís non-stick, and super lightweight. Choose your preferred set and start working and creating with smarter tools, from Cool Tools.

Try out the Cool Roller from Cool Tools. Start rolling out clay with ease and accuracy. The Cool Roller is the right size and weight for any metal clay project. Perfect for producing slabs in standard card thickness. Have fun using this Cool Roller to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. Get you hands on a Cool Roller from Cool Tools.

You will find a wonderful selection of Doming Blocks to shop through at here at Cool Tools. Select among a variety of styles and shapes to use during the creation of Metal Clay Jewelry. All of our Doming Blocks are quality made and available at very affordable prices. Find your preferred Doming Block here at Cool Tools.

Cool Tools offers genuine Redy Pellets for ring sizing. How do you make a ring that fits? Use Cool Tools Redy Pellets! Redy Pellet Ring Sizers will help create the exact size ring every time. We provide all the tips and tricks you need to know about Ring Making. Redy Pellets keep the ring from shrinking any more than your desired size. Get your Redy Pellets Ring Sizers from Cool Tools and start making perfectly sized rings.

Get your Silver Prep from Cool Tools! Silver Prep is an all natural non-toxic pickle mix that can be used as a traditional pickle for any copper-bearing of metal. Silver Prep is non-toxic, free from the toxic fumes that are created when using a standard sodium bisulphate (pH down, Sparex) pickle. Breathe easier and live longer with safe products from Cool Tools. Start working with superior products and tools when making jewelry. Find genuine Silver Prep and more right here at Cool Tools. Start shopping and creating.

Cool Tools offers an amazing selection of Texture Tips for working with Metal Clay. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes. Find your preferred style and create beautiful pieces of jewelry with our miniature texturing tools for metal clay. These Texture Tips work great for various jewelry projects and make the process simple and easy. Find your favorite Texture Tips right here at Cool Tools.

Cool Tools offers our genuine MegaMold 2 Part RTV Silicone Molding Compound for working with Metal Clay. Mega Mold Compound is a silicone material that picks up the best detail possible for molds. This compound offers the ability to get every detail when making molds. Mega Mold is easy to use and only takes 5 minutes to set up. Molds stay flexible and do not harden like other mold materials do. Mega Mold is non-toxic and does not require a release when using with metal clay. Take Mega Mold on the go to make impressions and capture unusual textures in your travels. Try out our Mega Mold and order it today!

Find Jewelry Artist Elements sheets for making beautifully coordinated jewelry collections. Jewelry Artist Elements are flexible and washable. Our gorgeous designs are available in several different pattern sets. Our Jewelry Artist Elements can be used with any clay: silver clay, bronze clay, polymer, earthen, porcelain, and more. Shop now and find your Jewelry Artist Elements from Cool Tools today for more sophisticated jewelry designs.

Cool Tools Flexi-Carve are pure silicone carving plates for adding unique and amazing designs to your metal clay jewelry. Flexi-Carve are washable and reusable and require no release! Use Micro-Carving tools such as Dockyard carvers to to carve designs effortlessly. Create your unique metal clay designs today with help from Cool Tools Flexi-Carve.

Add unique phrases and images to your metal clay jewelry fast and easy with Cool Tools Jewel Stamps. Jewel Stamps are crystal clear high definition designer images made for imressing in all kinds of clay. Jewel Stamps are reusable, removable, washable, stretchy and long lasting and cling to any acrylic surface. Each 4" x 6" sheet is crammed with inspirational phrases of love, poetry, encouragement and health. Get your Jewel Stamps right here at Cool Tools.

No Flake Firing Foil

Start firing your metal clay jewelry pieces with the tools that will save you time and money. Cool Tools offers No-Flake Firing Foil to help stop the mess in your kiln. No-Flake Flake Firing foil is a special, high temperature alloy that does not flake when heated to temperatures required to fire metal clay. This foil is customizable and makes the perfect stainless steel firing box for any jewelry piece! Create the firing box that fits your projects. Avoid the mess in your kiln with innovative and affordable No Flake Firing Foil.