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Kato Color Liquid Polyclay - Translucent Blue 2 oz
Color Liquid Polyclay - Translucent Blue 2 oz

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Product Dimensions: 2oz bottle
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Color Liquid Polyclay - Translucent Blue 2 oz

Liquid Polyclays should be cured at 300F (150C) for 20 minutes for a matte finish. To create a glossier finish, cure for an additional 10 minutes at 350F (177C), or wave a heat gun over project until desired glossiness is achieved. Do not inhale fumes and never cure above 350F (177C) or allow Liquid Polyclay to come in contact with an open flame.

Liquid Polyclay (Clear Medium) is a revolutionary product which allows users to create perfect photo transfers and finishes for Kato Polyclay pieces. It can also be used as an adhesive, grout, or glaze.

Liquid Polyclay has excellent leveling properties and flows smoothly allowing it to be cured in sheets or poured into metal or glass molds. After curing, it may be cut with scissors into desired shapes. A few examples of its uses include: stain glass window clings, hinges, watercolor effects, faux stones, faux cloisonné, faux dichroic glass, coasters, mosaics, marbleizing, colorizing transfers and so much more.

Heat-set medium. Make molded and flexible features. Use Color Liquid Polyclay as a tinting medium for polymer clays and for colorizing transfers. Paint with it or make window clings.