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Cleaning Tools

Remove dust, grime, fingerprints, tarnish, or anything else that's dirtied up your jewelry piece with our selection of cleaning tools and supplies. Looking for a more specific cleaner? Check out Penny Brite Copper Cleaner for copper, stainless steel and brass or Precious Liquid Jewelry Cleaner for stones and all 14k, 18k gold, sterling slivers, fine silver, platinum, brass and bronze.

Safety Tools

At Cool Tools safety is one of our top priorities. With the belief a clean area is a safe area these products are combined. Precious Metal Clay is a safe way of working with metal, the majority of concerns arise when kiln firing.

Nitrile gloves will keep fingerprints off of your work, stop your hands from drying out metal clay and protect your skin from cleaning materials.

We offer a complete safety kit for working with metal clay.