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Ceramic Firing Vessel - Large Round
Ceramic Firing Vessel - Large Round

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Product Dimensions: 6" x 4"
Made in USA
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Ceramic Firing Vessel - Large Round

At only 4" tall, this round ceramic firing vessel is perfect for smaller firing boxes such as the Paragon Firefly and E9A, and the 6" diameter offers plenty of firing real estate. Use with all types of metal clay that require a carbon firing. The high temperature ceramic material assures the inside of the kiln stays clean while allowing plenty of air circulation for reliable firings. See detailed firing instructions and videos below.

Fire: Place 2" of activated carbon in the bottom of the container. Place greenware on the carbon and cover over with 1/2" of additional carbon. Because this type of container heats up so fast, it is smart to slow down the first hour of heating to allow the binder to combust completely before progressing to target temperature and hold time.

Test: Fire test pieces to find your target temperature with this vessel. Start testing 25F lower than the recommended firing temperature for your clay. This is because the ceramic material is porous and let in lots of oxygen. More oxygen creates a hotter interior. (These containers also burn more carbon and create more ash, so expect to go through more carbon.)

Cool: It is very important that you carefully cool the ceramic container. If cooled too fast, the ceramic material can thermal shock and crack.

After the firing program is complete, the kiln can be left alone until it returns to room temperature. For faster retrieval of your treasures, follow this speed cooling method:

Leave the kiln untouched until the interior temperature reads 900F or lower.
Open the kiln door about an inch (or prop the lid by 1/2").
When interior temperature is below 600F, vessel can be removed to a cooling trivet using gloves or tongs.

Never remove the container from the kiln when it is red hot.

Never open the kiln door when the interior is over 900F.

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