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COPPRclay Metal Clay

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Kiln Fire: See our "TechSpecs" below for instructions.

COPPRclay consists of pure copper, water and non-toxic binding materials. The binding materials vaporize completely during the kiln-firing process, leaving a solid copper piece with a density over 95% that of cast copper. All copper used to make COPPRclay is recycled!

COPPRclay can be pinched, rolled, sculpted and manipulated. In its dried
state, it's still highly flexible and easy to carve—ideal for applying details and finishing touches prior to firing. And because it’s pure copper, it’s great for applying enamels.

Rich in color, full of history and representing an incredible combination of art and skill, new COPPRclay offers a world of possibilities to jewelers!

And, because COPPRclay is so affordable, it can be used to sculpt large pieces and create specialized tools—it can even be thrown on a potter’s wheel to shape copper hollowware. Available in generous 30-gram, 100-gram and 200-gram blocks, COPPRclay allows the artist to experiment with how far (and big!) designs can go! And because COPPRclay is pure copper, it’s great for jewelers and sculptors who enjoy applying enamels.

Download COPPRclay Firing Guide here

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30g, 100g, 200g and 1kg packages

Item# Item Name Price: Qty
CPR-031 COPPRclay - 30 gram
CPR-031.2 COPPRclay - 30 gram - Min of 2
CPR-031.3 COPPRclay - 30 gram - 3 to 5 Packs
CPR-031.4 COPPRclay - 30 gram - 6 to 9 Packs
CPR-031.5 COPPRclay - 30 gram - 10 or More Packs
CPR-100 COPPRclay - 100 gram
CPR-100.2 COPPRclay - 100 gram - Min of 2
CPR-100.3 COPPRclay - 100 gram - 3 to 5 Packs
CPR-100.4 COPPRclay - 100 gram - 6 to 9 Packs
CPR-100.5 COPPRclay - 100 gram - 10 or More Packs
CPR-200 COPPRclay - 200 gram
CPR-200.2 COPPRclay - 200 gram - Min of 2
CPR-200.3 COPPRclay - 200 gram - 3 to 5 Packs
CPR-200.4 COPPRclay - 200 gram - 6 to 9 Packs
CPR-200.5 COPPRclay - 200 gram - 10 or More Packs
CPR-1000 COPPRclay - 1 kilogram jar
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This product is made of 100% pure copper. COPPRclay shrinks about 20% of its original size during sintering. The density of fired COPPRclay is about 90% of cast copper. When properly sintered, COPPRclay can be bent and formed. Copper is a very soft metal and is easy to form, drill, saw and manipulate. This clay, when fired in a kiln, burns the binder away, leaving a solid, pure copper object.

Uses COPPRclay can be used to create jewelry and decorative items. And, because it is copper, it's extremely affordable and can be used to sculpt large pieces. Its also great for artists who enjoy applying enamels.
Workability COPPRclay is buttery-smooth and wonderful to work with. It should be kept cold when not in use and it may stiffen from the warmth of hands. Care should be taken to keep this clay wrapped. It tends to stain dry hands. Add only small amounts of water to create paste. Paste should be made very thick. A thin paste will not be effective. COPPRclay is excellent for carving and remains very flexible after drying.
Copper wire can be embedded and fired in place. Some gemstones, lab gems and cubic zirconia can be embedded and fired in place.
Kiln Temperature/Hold Time:
1650°F-1800°F/3 hours


Firing Instructions

Phase 1
(open-shelf fire)
  • For pieces 3mm thick or less: Place the piece directly on the firing shelf. Ramp at 500°F/hour (278°C/hour) then hold at 560°F (293°C) for 15 minutes.
  • For pieces thicker than 3mm: Place the piece directly on the firing shelf. Ramp at 200°F/hour (93°C/hour) then hold at 560°F (293°C) for 15 minutes.
Phase 2 (sintering)
  • Regardless of thickness: Embed the piece in coconut shell– based activated carbon inside a firing pan. Ramp at full speed to 1750°F (954°C) and hold for 3-1/2 hours.
  • Allow the piece to cool naturally inside the kiln.

Open-Air Firing Option: Original testing done by Martha Biggar
COPPRclay can be fired openly on a kiln shelf and quenched afterward. Firing time is significantly reduced, and quenching removes much of the firescale that may form.
Please note: This optional technique has been tested on pieces about four cards thick and 2" in diameter. To start, it is recommended that you fire on piece at a time to gauge how your kiln performs and adjust the time and temperature settings needed for the pieces you fire. Also note that multiple pieces require more time to quench; this can increase the formation of firescale during the process.
Kiln Temperature: 1750°F
Hold Time: 30 minutes

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