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Build Your Own Toolkit

Here you will find a basic list of the tools you will need to get started working with metal clay. Each tools is explained for what it is and the options given. Choose the tools you prefer and that fit within your budget and Build Your Own Tool kit at Cool Tools. Pick the tools you need to create the jewelry you have in mind. We provide the best products to choose from at the best prices so your Build Your own Tool Kit is affordable and practical. Check out what you need to get started and be on your way to creating fabulous jewelry.

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3M Polishing Papers Complete Set 3M Sponge Sanding Pad - Set Ball Burnisher - Large Stylus Ball Burnisher - Medium Stylus
Ball Burnisher - Small Stylus Ball Burnishers - Double Ended - Set of 3 Brass Brush - Toothbrush Style Clay Scraper Set
Clay Shaper Firm Angle Chisel #2 Clay Shaper Cup Chisel Firm #2 Clay Shaper Firm Cup Round #2 Clay Shaper Firm Taper Point #2
Clay Surface Extra Thick Teflon Sheet - 5" x 8" CoolSlip Anti-Stick Solution for Metal Clay Cool Tools Clayboard Non-Stick Rolling Surface 9" x 9" ClayMate Hand Conditioner
Cool Roller Non-Stick Set - 6" with sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 spacers Cool Tools Patina Gel - Liver of Sulfur in Gel Form - 1.25 oz Curved Burnisher - Slim Curved Burnisher
Fine Mist Spray Bottle - Blue - 2 oz Gloves in a Bottle 2 oz Glycerin - 2 oz Half Round Sanding Stick Set 6 pc
Glycerin - 2 oz
Price: $4.30
Lavender Oil - Pure Essential Oil 1 dram Liver of Sulfur Mega Mold Silicone RTV Compound - Blueberry Mega Mold Silicone RTV Compound - Lemon
Liver of Sulfur
Price: $16.30
Mega Mold Silicone RTV Compound - Peach Mixing Disc - Acrylic 2.5 inch Non-Stick Economy Roller 7" no grooves Cool Tools Patina Gel - Liver of Sulfur in Gel Form - 2 oz
Polishing Cloth - Anti-Tarnish Sanding Stick Set 6pc Scalpel - Economy Brass Buff
Scalpel - Economy
Price: $2.50
Slik 3.5 oz Metal Clay Conditioner and Release Tissue Blade Flexible Ultra Clay Pick Worksurface & Snake Maker - Acrylic
Ultra Clay Pick
Price: $12.50