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Bronze/Copper Economy Tool Kit
Bronze Clay Tool Kit - Economy

Price: $75.00
Product Dimensions: 6" x 7"
Creative Reward Points you'll earn: 75

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Kit Contents:

This kit includes the basic tools needed to get started working with BRONZclay. A list of each tool and it's use is listed in the info box below. First, order your tool kit and firing supplies, and then visit our BRONZclay Learning Center. Watch videos and read articles and stay up to date on the latest discoveries in BRONZclay.

  • Gloves in a Bottle
    • Use on hands before working with clay. Keeps clay from sticking.
  • Cool Slip Anti-Stick Spray
    • Releases clay from textures, surfaces
  • Lavender Oil
    • Use to make Lavender water to inhibit oxidation
  • Rolling Tool
    • Our economy non-stick roller, used to roll out slabs of clay
  • Needle Tool
    • A very fine needle tool for cutting out shapes, using templates
  • Scalpel
    • Used to trim, sculpt, and cut wet or dry clay
  • Flexible Tissue Blade
    • To cut long strips, curved cuts, trim and handle clay
  • Pallet Knife
    • Use to mix paste, cut clay, smooth edges, move items. Stainless steel. Wood handle
  • Snake Roller
    • Used to roll clay into rods or ropes. Ours is 1/4" thick for easy handling
  • Clay Shaper
    • Silicone tipped genuine Clay Shaper Tapered blending tool
  • Red Sable Paint Brush
    • Use to apply lavender water to the clay, top quality
  • Diamond Tweezers
    • For handling gems and small parts
  • Bent Tip Tweezers
    • For gems and small parts
  • 3M Sponge Sanders
    • Use to shape and refine dry clay, complete set full sized sheets
  • Millimeter Gage
    • To determine firing schedule of the clay
  • Steel Brush
    • For brushing fired bronze