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Brass Findings and Charms

All of our brass stampings, findings and blanks are RAW BRASS. Brass can help give your jewelry pieces a beautiful, durable, antique look. Be sure to check out the vast array of Brass Bails, Brass Beads, Brass Charms & Drops, Brass Blanks and more.

Brass Bails

These Brass Stampings include Looped and Foldover bail connectors for any jewelry project. Brass Bails are an excellent way to add unique accents to your jewelry creations.

Brass Rod

With a variety of lengths and gauges, our rod can be cut, formed, soldered, textured, polished and patinaed, in several ways, to open up a world of possibilities while creating. Rod can be used to make perfect ring shanks, and stunning bracelets. The rod can be formed easily on a steel mandrel with a raw-hide mallet, or with ring-forming pliers. Check out both of these under our tools & equipment section.

Brass Beads

We offer Brass Beads with intricate Brass Stampings to customize your jewelry creations. Find Chevron, Filigree Lantern, Filigree Flower and Filigree Ball Beads for unique looks.

Brass Bead Caps

These Brass Bead Caps can fit any bead with several styles including Cone, Vase, Water Lily, and more. Choose from many patterns that match your jewelry pieces like filigree, flower, starfish and more.

Brass Bezel Cups

Our selection of Brass Bezel Cups feature several sizes and shapes for setting stones and elements in your jewelry projects. These Brass Bezel Cups can be co-fired in Bronze Clay, or riveted & soldered to other mixed metals.

Brass Blanks

Find just what you need for your jewelry projects with our selection of Brass Blanks. Our section of raw Brass Blanks are made from a vintage die and press in use since 1904.

Brass Charms & Drops

Shop through a great selection of Brass Stamped Charms & Drops with a variety of memorable, unique symbols. Find animals, symbols, decorations and more!

Brass Connectors & Links

Add beauty and sophistication to your jewelry with our selection of Brass Connectors & Links. Choose from large & small Tatting Links, 3 Prong Links, Foldover Bails & Connectors, Tiara Connectors and more.

Decorative Brass Elements

We provide the best selection of Decorative Brass Elements to make your jewelry stand out from the crowd. These Brass Elements come in many shapes and sizes and add a touch of elegance. Choose from a variety of symbols, styles, patterns and designs.

Floral Brass Elements

Add unique natural touches to your jewelry with our selection of Floral Brass Elements. Choose from designs such as Rose, Pansy, Sunflower, Daisy Elements and more. These floral shape elements brighten up your jewelry and can be used on necklaces, bracelets, earrings or pendants.

Brass Elements

Draw your jewelry making inspiration from the beauty of nature and express it with our Nature Brass Elements. You'll find a vast array of brass insects and animals to add unique touches to your jewelry. Discover elements like Butterfly, Lizard, Dragonfly, Crab, Beetle, Bee and more.

Brass Filigree

Filigree offers elegance and beauty when added to any jewelry piece. These designs were stamped using the original dies from the early 1900's and provide eye-popping results.

Brass Magnetic Clasps

Brass Magnetic Clasps offer a great solution to connect your necklaces, bracelets or other jewelry pieces. Brass Magnetic Clasps are durable, powerful and reliable and provide a great look.

Brass Pendants

Shop through several unique and intricate pendant designs that will fit any style. Personalize your jewelry with a brass pendant and decorative center piece. Use the designs to create molds and much more!

Brass Rings

Our selection of Brass Rings work great with resins and gloss for unique customization and personalization. Glue photos, mementos, elements or personal treasures in the bottom of the cup. It's never been easier! Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes.

Brass Settings

Decorative Brass Settings offer a beautiful touch to complete your stone settings in any jewelry creations. Customize your projects using filigree, flower shape, bullet rosette settings and more.

Brass Wire & Strip

Shop through our Floral Brass Wire designs, Ribbon Brass Wire designs, Rope Brass Wire Designs, Mesh Brass Wire and so much more ranging from 10 to 26 gauge. Discover the selection of Brass Bezel Wire for adding a touch of class to your settings.