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Benefits of Metal Clay

Metal in a clay form? Yes! Some of the many benefits of metal clay is that it is really clay, which allows the user to form, shape, mold, cut and texture this medium with their own hands and various tools. Create objects and jewelry as you like in clay, then fire with a torch or kiln, turning the object into pure gold, silver, bronze or copper. Using metal clay allows the artist to create limitless shapes and textures in jewelry that would otherwise be impossible or extremely challenging using traditional methods of silversmiths or goldsmiths.
  • Because it is metal in a clay form, it is easily shaped and formed
  • Versatile, and can be fired in a variety of ways
  • Easily cut, formed, molded, sculpted and textured
  • Can be glazed and enameled
  • Add stones, glass and other decorative items easily
  • Easy to get started, even if you have never made jewelry before

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