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BRONZclay and COPPRclay Tool List

Work surface - ClayBoard Teflon work surface for rolling and general work. 6"x9" Teflon work area with non-skid feet
Slik - Hand and Clay Conditioner. Use on hands before working with clay. Condition bronze and copper clay for better working properties and much slower drying.
Cool Slip Anti-Stick Spray - Releases clay from textures, surfaces
Rolling Tool - Used to roll out slabs of clay
Needle Tool - A very fine needle tool for cutting out shapes, using templates, picking clay and detailing
- Used to trim, sculpt, and cut wet or dry clay
Flexible Tissue Blade - To cut long strips of clay. Flexible for curved cuts
Miniature Pallet Knife
- Use to mix paste, cut clay, smooth edges, move items
Needle Files - For sanding and refining greenware, finishing fired clay

Snake Roller - Used to roll clay into rods or ropes
Blending Tool - Silicone tipped Clay Shaper Tapered tool for blending clay
Red Sable Paint Brush - Use to apply water to the clay
Rubber Bench Block - For burnishing, finishing, drilling, assembly
Swivel Pin Vice - To hold drills for drilling holes in dry or fired clay
Drill - 2.5mm and 3mm drills for drilling holes
Diamond Tweezers - For handling gems and small parts
Bent Tip Tweezers - For gems and small parts
3M Sponge Sanding Pads - Use to shape and refine dry clay, complete set full sized sheets
Millimeter Gauge - To determine firing schedule of the clay by measuring thickness (for some carbons)
Scratch Brush -
Steel for initial burnishing of fired bronze and to give a satin finish
Sanding Sticks - For finishing and refining greenware and fired metal
Polishing Papers - For finishing, shaping and polishing
Polishing Cloth - For final polish
Sanding Tray - To catch the dust and bits when sanding, carving and shaping dry clay