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Mixed Metals Pendant with Aureus Bright Bronze and Cyprus Copper Clay by Karen Trexler

Developed by Cindy Silas, Aureus Bright Bronze Clay is an excellent base metal clay medium for jewelry, crafts, sculpture and models. Offered in lump (wet) form, this clay results in a beautiful, bright bronze when fired. Economical, easy to form, fire and finish.

In the video below, Karen combines Aureus Bright Bronze metal clay with Cyprus Copper metal clay to create a mixed metal pendant. The layer of copper on top of the bright bronze not only gives the piece dimension, but also an extra pop of color. This technique can be used with almost any texture, giving the creator unlimited possibilities for creation! To fire Aureus Bright Bronze and Cyprus Copper together when making this pendant: First phase: Full ramp up to 650° / °C on wire rack. Second phase: Submerge in coconut carbon full ramp up to 1400°F / 760°C for 3 hours.

Cyprus Copper Clay will not fully sinter at 1400ºF. This firing schedule works because the copper is only an accent embedded in the bronze. If the metals were reversed, the copper would not sufficiently sinter.

The tools and supplies used in this video are listed below.

Click here to view or download the Aureus Bright Bronze Overview & Firing Guide.

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