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Art Clay™ Bronze 50 gram
Art Clay Bronze 50 gram

Kiln Fire: 1508°F / 820°C - 2 hours (in activated carbon under reducing atmosphere using a programmable electric kiln)
Shrinkage: 10%-13%

We are authorized only to ship Art Clay Silver, gold, copper and bronze products to the following North American locations: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the U.S. territories and military bases ONLY. For international customers outside our territory, please purchase from your local distributor.
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Made in Japan
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Art Clay Bronze

Art Clay Bronze is a clay material to make a wide range of pieces such as jewelry, craft designs, and objects like sculptures and models. Art Clay Bronze must be fired in an activated carbon under reducing atmosphere using a programmable electric kiln, with the resulting fired piece being solid alloy.

Bronze ratio before firing: 90% (Rest of 10% is Binder and Water)

Bronze purity after firing: over 99.5%

Shrinkage: Approx.10%-13% in length

Art Clay Bronze is a water-based clay, and dries naturally in the air. To avoid drying, when starting your piece, use the amount needed to make your desired piece, and store the rest in a clay hydrator.

ArtClay Bronze clay shrinks about 10%-13% of its original size during sintering.

Uses ArtClay Bronze can be used to create jewelry and decorative items. This clay, when fired in a kiln, burns the binder away leaving a solid, pure bronze object.
Bronze wire can be embedded and fired in place. Some gemstones, lab gems and cubic zirconia can be embedded and fired in place.
Kiln Temperature/Hold Time:
1508°F/2 hours

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