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Apoxie® Sculpt Two-part Modeling Compound - Green - 1/10 LB
Apoxie® Sculpt Two-part Modeling Compound - Green

Apoxie Sculpt combines the features and benefits of sculpting clay with the adhesive power of epoxy! Its smooth, putty-like consistency is easy to mix & use. Self-hardens (No Baking); cures hard in 24 hrs to a semi-gloss finish. Adheres to nearly any surface: Itself (in any stage of set-up before or after curing), other epoxies, Ceramic, Metal, Wood, Stone, Glass, Plastics, Foam, Fiberglass, Polymers, & more! Great for sculpting, embellishing, bonding and filling most anything. Accepts paints, stains, mica powders & more for a variety of finishing options.
Price: $10.00
Product Dimensions: .10 lb / 46 grams

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Apoxie® Sculpt Two-part Modeling Compound


  • Self-Hardening
  • Putty-like consistency
  • 1-3 hour working time
  • Highly Adhesive
  • Superior Detail
  • 0% Shrinkage & Cracking
  • Hard & Durable
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Waterproof
  • Non-flammable
  • Marine & Exterior Quality
  • Freeze-thaw Stable
  • 12 Vibrant Colors: Natural, White, Black, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Silver-Grey-Grey, Bronze

  • Working Time Line Guide:
    1/2 hour: Sticky & most adhesive
    1 to 2 hours: Easy to work with
    2 to 3 hours: Setting up, form-able detail
    24 hours: Hard, cured & waterproof

  • Can be seamlessly feathered before set-up with a paint brush and the use of Aves®Safety Solvent for fine details; use water for smoothing large surface areas of your project.
  • Try rubbing a bit of extra virgin olive oil on your finger tips to keep the product from sticking.
  • Dipping your tools & fingers in cold water will keep Apoxie Sculpt from sticking to your surfaces and allow maximum details.
  • Create new colors of Apoxie Sculpt by mixing any of the part ‘A’ colors of Apoxie Sculpt together, then add an equal amount of part ‘B’ (all part A’s are the same, and all part B’s are the same)
  • Embellish with; tiles, glass, beads, stones, gems, crystals more!
  • Works excellent with gold leaf and mica powers!

  • Check out this color chart to learn how to mix Apoxie to make unlimited colors. Click here

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