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AlphaDisc Lettering System - Font Pack 4
AlphaDisc Lettering System - Font Pack 4

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Lettering in soft clay has never been easier or more elegant! With the AlphaDisc Lettering System you can quickly stamp out your message on ceramic, polymer, glass and metal clays, including precious metal silver clay, copper clay, and bronze clays of all kinds.

Lettering Wheels are packaged in a set of 2. One Wheel is labeled for numbers and characters, the other is labeled for letters. Lettering Wheels can be used with 12 point and 14 point fonts. The Wheels are labeled so the letter that is being impressed is clearly labeled in black. Font strips self-adhere to the Lettering Wheel.

The Lettering Ring can be used two ways. Clay can be laid over the curve for impressing with the Lettering Wheel. This allows for the deepest impression of the letters. Font strips can also be applied to the outside of the Lettering Ring. No label is needed because the character being impressed is seen clearly and in right reading through the Ring. This makes positioning accurate and easy. The Lettering Ring works well with all Font Pack sizes.

Purchase a complete AlphaDisc Lettering System Kit, or add to your current kit with more Font sizes, styles and accessories.

Watch our video demos on using the AlphaDisc Lettering Wheel and the Lettering Ring and the create the Affirmation Bracelet project you'll find in our third video.

AlphaDisc Lettering System

The AlphaDisc Lettering System includes Font Packs in a variety of type styles. The Font Packs have strips of lettering that are applied to a Lettering Wheel or Ring. The Wheel or Ring is then impressed into the clay. Moving from letter to letter is as easy as spinning the disc. Font Packs are available in 12 point (3mm), 14 point (5mm), and 18 point (6mm) Font Packs. Each Font Pack includes 5 type styles in Upper Case, Lower Case, plus Numbers and Special Characters. Fonts are washable, reusable, and no release is needed when clay is properly conditioned. Fonts included are K22 Karnak Deco, Deco Card, Connie, Antique Book Cover and Luxembourg 1910 fonts.

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ALD-412 AlphaDisc Font Pack 4 - 12 Point
ALD-414 AlphaDisc Font Pack 4 - 14 Point
ALD-418 AlphaDisc Font Pack 4 - 18 Point
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