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About Silver Metal Clay

Silver Metal Clay starts out as a clay substance and once it's fired ends up as pure silver. Silver Metal Clay is essentially a non-toxic mixed with silver particles that results in a clay-like substance. Once it is kiln or torch fired the organic binder is burned off and all that remains is the silver metal. Silver Metal Clay is simply amazing and so fun and easy to use.

Cool Tools provides you with a fabulous selection of Silver Metal Clay. Metal Clay is fairly new and is becoming a favorite among many professional jewelers. Choose Silver Metal Clay for all of the silver jewelry projects you want to complete. Create custom one of a kind pieces of jewelry with Silver Clay. Silver PMC is great for adding detail and can be easily molded and formed. Precious Metal Clay allows jewelry makers to more easily shape and design jewelry. Silver Art clay is wonderful for a variety of jewelry making products. Silver Art Clay is considered a "Green" product because only recycled silver is used to make it. Create gorgeous pure silver pieces of jewelry with Silver Clay. Try out Silver Metal Clay for yourself and you'll love this substance, its versatility and the great results it provides.