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About Precious Metal Clay

Precious Metal Clay shares a similar consistency and similar properties to Modeling Clay, however it differs greatly being that it is a mixture of Organic Binder and Small Metal Powder Particles. Once sculpted and heated, the organic Binder is burned off leaving behind hard solid metal. There are so many different uses and benefits to using this great material.

Cool Tools offers a great selection of this useful Precious Metal Clay for your jewelry making needs. PMC, or Precious Metal Clay, is a fairly new and innovative material used in jewelry making. Cool Tools offers Precious Metal Clay for creating unique and intricate pieces of metal jewelry. Metal Clay is the perfect Jewelry making agent for any jeweler, whether beginner or advanced. Precious Metal Clay allows jewelry makers to more easily shape and design jewelry. Mold and Create unique shapes with this easily malleable substance. Heat Precious Metal Clay and you are left with a pure metal substance. Because of the consistency being much like modeling clay, PMC is highly preferred to work with. This substance is versatile, incredibly unique and available at Cool Tools.