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About Metal Art Clay

Discover the brilliance and flexibility of Metal Art Clay. Metal Art Clay is an ingenious material used for creating beautiful and intricately detailed pieces of jewelry. There are so many different uses and benefits to using this amazing material, Metal Clay.

Cool Tools offers a complete line of Art Clay products for creating beautiful, custom jewelry. Metal Art Clay is essentially metal powder mixed with water and a non-toxic binder. When Art Clay is heated at high temperatures, the binder burns away, and all that remains is the solid metal. The result is an object of pure silver. Also, Art Clay is a "Green" product, because only recycled silver is used to make it. Art Clay, is such a cool and innovative material to use whether you are a beginner or advanced jewelry maker. Art Clay Silver is easy to mold and shape, much like ordinary clay and perfect to use for a variety of jewelry projects. The makers of Art Clay, Aida Chemical, say that Art Clay Silver is stronger than any other type of silver clay due to the unique shape of the silver particles.