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About Copper Metal Clay

It starts out as a clay but ends up as something completely different, solid metal! Copper Metal Clay can be formed into any type of jewelry, shaped, manipulated, and finally heated resulting in beautiful Copper Metal. Copper Metal Clay is basically copper particles mixed with an organic binder that results in a clay-like substance. When placed in a kiln, the organic binder burns off and all that remains is pure copper metal. Copper Metal Clay is a unique and easy way to create one of a kind jewelry.
Being a fairly new invention, Copper Metal Clay is still rising in popularity. It is becoming a favorite among jewelry makers and beginners alike. Make sure you choose Copper Metal Clay for your next jewelry project. Copper Clay offers the flexibility and ease of molding clay while providing the professional and strong result of solid metal. Copper Clay is a great product to have at hand for all your future jewelry creations and great to use for chains, pendants, beads and more. Add intricate detail and work easily with this amazing product. Copper Precious Metal Clay allows jewelry makers like yourself to easily shape and design jewelry. Copper Metal Clay is truely unique and worth while to try. Create one of a kind Copper Metal pieces of jewelry with Copper Clay. Start utilizing this great product to create beautiful pieces of copper jewelry. Find all your Copper Metal Clay right here at Cool Tools.