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About Bronze Metal Clay

Starting out as a clay like substance, Bronze Metal Clay can be formed into any type of jewelry, shaped, manipulated and finally heated resulting in solid Bronze Metal. Bronze Metal Clay is essentially bronze particles mixed with an organic binder that results in a clay-like substance. When placed in a kiln the organic binder will burn off and all that will remain is pure bronze metal. Bronze Metal Clay is a fantastic and extremely helpful resource for jewelry makers.

Metal Clay is a fairly new invention to the jewelry world and is becoming a favorite among jewelry makers and beginners. Make sure you choose Bronze Metal Clay for all of the bronze jewelry projects you want to complete. Create custom one of a kind pieces of jewelry with Bronze Clay. Bronze clay is a great product to have at hand no matter what you are planning to create. Add intricate detail, easily mold and work with this great clay. Bronze Precious Metal Clay allows jewelry makers to more easily shape and design jewelry. Bronze Metal Clay is truly unique and extremely useful. Create one of a kind Bronze Metal pieces of jewelry with Bronze Clay. Start working with Bronze Clay to create beautiful pieces of jewelry, it's the most enjoyable jewelry making experience you'll ever know.