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3M Polishing Paper - Complete Set
3M Polishing Papers Complete Set


Complete set of 6 long lasting 3M polishing papers. Set includes 1 sheet each of grits 400, 600, 1200, 4000, 6000, & 8000. Washable and re-usable wet/dry papers. Each sheet is 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches. This set of polishing papers is one of the basic tools for working with metal clay. After creating and firing a metal clay object, you'll need to polish it to make it shine! These polishing papers feel like paper towels, but they have a micron-graded abrasive bonded to the surface. They can be folded up and used like traditional sandpaper or wrapped around paint sticks or dowels to create the shape you need. They can also be washed when they become charged with sanding debris.

Set of 6: $14.50
Product Dimensions: 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"
Made in USA
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3M Polishing Paper

Use papers one grit at a time, from coarsest to finest to create a satin or mirror finish or anything in between. 6 grits from coarse (400 grit) through final polish (8000 grit) for creating mirror finishes.

How to Use Polishing Papers

3M Polishing papers are designed for use on metal, rather than on unfired clay. (To shape and refine unfired clay, you'll love the 3M Sponge Sanding pads). Use to polish silver, fine silver, gold, brass, bronze and copper. Dark green (400 grit) works well to remove patina from high spots for antiqued finish. To polish to a mirror finish, start with the coarsest grit and work to the finest grit. Start with 400 grit. When you see uniform scratches (look closely....these will be very fine scratches), then move to the next grit. Do not skip grits or you will not achieve a mirror finish. Grits are color coded for easy identification.

Mark each grit with a felt pen to remind you of the grit.

  • 400 grit Dark Green
  • 600 grit Grey
  • 1200 grit Blue
  • 4000 grit Pink
  • 6000 grit Mint
  • 8000 grit Pale Green

See our video below on polishing to a mirror finish to learn how to use these wonderful polishing papers.