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3DMetalCreator™ Introduction & Pendant Project

by Artist - Kathleen Nowak Tucci

Kathleen Nowak Tucci, a Gulf Coast eco-designer and artist for 30 years visited Cool Tools to show us how to use the 3DMetalCreator invented by Bill Struve of Metal Adventures. The 3DMetalCreator is a hand-held creativity tool that extrudes metal paste in both Sterling Silver (EZ960™) and/or Bronze (FastFire BRONZclay™) allowing the artist to create designs, sculpture or jewelry without the physical effort of pushing metal clay through a syringe.

Unlike a metal clay syringe, the 3DMetalCreator uses the power of the CO2 tank to easily extrude the metal clay paste, allowing the artist to gracefully design. Similar to other metal clays, completed designs in wet clay are dried, and then fired in a kiln to create solid objects in Sterling Silver or Bronze.

Make sure you check out the second video from Kathleen. She uses 3DMetalCreator with EZ960 silver paste to embellish a lovely pendant. She adds a splash of color by placing a small cubic zirconia wrapped in a bezel made from EZ960 and round bezel template.

About the Artist
Kathleen is the 2015 Saul Bell Design Winner in Alternative Materials and the 2012 Niche Award Winner for Fashion Jewelry. She is the recipient of the prestigious Design Fellowship from the Alabama State Council on the Arts. She participated in the Museum of Arts and Design NYC Show- LOOT in September, 2012 and the BIJOUX Show at the Norton Museum of Art in February 2015. Two necklaces are featured in Lark Publishing’s, Showcase 500 Art Necklaces that was released in July 2013.
Magazines that have featured Tucci’s jewelry are Marie Claire, Ornament, Art Jewelry, Memphis Magazine (cover), Metal Clay Artist Magazine (cover), Heaven Has Heels (cover), Coastal Lifestyle and Linen.

Click here to view or download the EZ960 Sterling Overview & Firing Guide.

Click here to view or download FastFire Bronze Firing Guide.

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