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3D BRONZpaste - 50 gram Cartridge
3D BRONZpaste - 50 gram Cartridge

Please note: This product is to be used with the 3DMetalCreator only.

Fire in activated carbon 1525°F / 2 hours
Shrinkage: 5 -10%
Price: $16.30
Product Dimensions: 50 grams
Made in USA
Creative Reward Points you'll earn: 16

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3D BRONZpaste

FastFireBronze paste for use in the 3DMetalCreator which allows the artist or maker to create solid bronze or silver objects, designs, sculpture or jewelry in ways that are limited only by your imagination.


Fire projects created from the 3DMetalCreator the same as normal FastFire BronzeTo reduce oxidation, piece(s) must be surrounded by activated carbon or Magic Carbon during firing. Spread 1” of activated carbon granules on the bottom of a stainless steel firing container.
  1. Place the piece on top of the layer; if firing two or more pieces, leave at least 1/2” between pieces, more if the pieces are large.
  2. Pour more activated carbon granules on top of the pieces until the container is full, making sure there is a 1/2” layer of granules on top of each piece. If you are firing many pieces in layers, make sure there is at least 1/2” of space between the vertical layers as well.
  3. Put a slotted stainless steel lid on the firing container (or offset your solid lid to create a gap) and set it in the kiln on stilts to allow good heat circulation.
  4. Ramp at full speed to 1525°F, and hold for 2 hours.
Note: Most kilns are cooler in the front, near the door, so the front of your firing container will be cooler than the other sides. Compensate for this possibility by placing the pieces closer to the sides and back of the firing container. If you have a top-loading kiln, there’s no need to adjust. After firing, a residue will be left on the fired pieces. This residue is easy to remove with running water and must be washed off prior to finishing.

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