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Ultra Lite Studio Kiln
Ultra Lite Studio Kiln

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This kiln ships free to destinations in the U.S.

The UltraLite Studio Kiln is an upgrade to the UltraLite Beehive Kiln. The new Studio model has more working space, is more durable and is more energy efficient than the Beehive model. Perfect for larger enameling projects or items that require more heat.

The NEW 120V UltraLite Studio Kiln Features:

  • Larger 3.5 Element creates a Larger Heat Sink (which means more available heat)
  • Compact size of 6" Tall x 6.25" Round
  • Weighs less than 2 pounds
  • Firing Surface of 3.5" Diameter x 1.5" Height
  • 1550F / 844C Maintained Operating Temperature
  • Energy Effect High Temperature Stand
  • 6 Removable Cord-Set
  • High Temperature Hot Pad
  • All of the Accessories for the Beehive Model are Interchangeable with the Studio Model
  • Standard 120 Volt household power
  • This 250 Watt Kiln costs less than .02 cents per firing to operate

  • The Ultra-Lite Studio Kiln is a small and handy firing device. While intended for enameling, this kiln can also be used for firing silver metal clays. This kiln heats very quickly and evenly to about 1550F. This is a good choice for those who want an inexpensive option at a modest price. The Keum Boo kit will allow you to use this kiln to add pure gold leaf to your metal clay and other jewelry creations. The Ultra-Lite Studio kiln can also fire Accent Silver with the flat cover in place.

    Firing instructions for Silver Metal Clay - Controller is required for proper firing

    The Ultra Lite Studio Kiln heats quickly and evenly. Pieces should be completely dry before firing.

    Firing Procedure:

    • Place the round Waffled Ceramic Insert texture side down on the heating element.
    • Cover the kiln and preheat for 35 minutes.
    • Remove the cover.
    • Place dry silver clay pieces on the heated Insert.
    • Do not stack the disks in the kiln.
    • After firing, cover the Kiln and re-heat for 15 minutes before firing more pieces.
    120V Temperature Controller Instructions:

    Cover the kiln and plug into the Controller, adjust dial to highest #10 setting for 35 minutes, then adjust dial to desired temperature. When firing silver metal clay using the temperature controller you will fire with the lid on.

    Temperature Controller settings:
    1 Slowly burning out cork clay
    6 Firing FYI silver clay
    7 Firing PMC+, PMC3, Art Clay & Art Clay 650
    8 Keum-Boo (Red brass plates temperature 850)
    9 Fire FS999 & EZ960
    10 Enameling

    Fahrenheit Temperature settings:

    1 = 850F / 454C 6 = 1195F / 646C
    2 = 885F / 474C 7 = 1320F / 715C
    3 = 845F / 452C 8 = 1445F / 785C
    4 = 1445 / 785C 9 = 1545F / 840C
    5 = 1095 / 590C 10 = 1550F / 843C

    Due to varying voltage around the United States the Firing procedure can in some areas be performed with the lid on.
    Testing a small piece of any silver clay is recommended

    Extending Firing Times: When firing rings or tall items such as a box, or a large bead, to insure maximum tensile strength in your piece you will need to fire your piece on one side, and then turn your piece over and re-fire.

    Large or very thick items will also need extended firing time.

    Warranty: 90 day Limited Factory Warranty. Warranty service is provided directly by the manufacturer.

    UltraLite Studio Kiln

    Item# Item Name Price: Qty
    KLN-702 Ultra Lite Accessory: Ceramic Inserts for Metal Clay Firing - Pkg - 3
    KLN-705 Ultra Lite Accessory: Flat Cover
    KLN-704 Ultra Lite Accessory: Keum Boo Brass Covers (Flat & Indented)
    KLN-703 Ultra Lite Accessory: Temperature Controller
    KLN-706 Ultra Lite Studio Kiln
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    Firing Metal Clay with the UltraLite Studio Kiln
    With the addition of the ceramic insert placed on top of the element for firing metal clay the insulated element is operating hotter. We are recommending the use of the temperature control:
    • For an even temperature throughout the sintering process when the the lid is on
    • To prevent from melting metal clay in areas where there is high voltage
    • To compensate for hotter operating elements
    • Prolongs the element due to shorter firing times at a lower operating temperature
    Drying Metal Clay
    Pieces should be completely dry before firing. To dry, place a ceramic insert on the top of the kiln cover while the Kiln is on. This provides a heated surface that will help your pieces dry quickly and thoroughly (Dries pieces in approximately 10 minutes). Remove insert from the top prior to firing, leaving the insert on the top will lower kiln temperature

    Using the Temperature Control
    Place one Insert on the heating element then cover the kiln and preheat by setting the controller to 100% for 30 minutes then set the dial to the desired temperature:
    • High fire Metal Clay 85%
    • Low fire Metal Clay 65%
    Place the dried Metal Clay on the insert allow for the small amount of smoke and flame to go out before covering. Keep covered for the required firing time, the piece should glow orange red (Salmon color)

    Firing without the controller

    Place one Insert on the heating element then cover the kiln and preheat for 45 minutes. Remove the lid, then place the dried metal clay on the heated insert (leaving the lid off the entire time), for proper sintering add 20 minutes to the recommended firing times. The piece should glow orange red (Salmon color)

    Between firings, cover the kiln to reheat for 15 minutes.