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Swellegant Metal Coating - Iron
Swellegant Metal Coating - Iron


The Swellegant line is made up of Metal Coatings, Patinas, Dye Oxides and Clear Sealants and are perfect for adding color to your creations!

Each product can be used alone or together to mix and match for endless design possibilities. All the Swellegant products can easily be painted on with a brush and used with a variety of products.

Swellegant Metal Coatings are finely ground metal suspended in a binder and are painted on with a brush. The coating dries and creates a metal surface. Things that aren’t metal become an object with a metal surface (coating). Things that already are metal can become a different metal or can get a fresh touch up with accents of another metal color. The Metal Coatings work on just about anything – wood, ceramic, polymer clay, resin, glass, foam, metal, plaster and more. Use more than one color of metal coating on the same piece to mix and match finishes. Layer Patina’s and Dye Oxides for endless design possibilities! Metal Coatings take 5-15 minutes to dry. Allow 4-6 hours to fully cure.

Swellegant has low or no odor and washes up with soap and warm water. All of the products are non-hazardous. Shake all the bottles very thoroughly each time, before you use them.

Click Here to download Christi Friesen's step-by-step instructions for tips and tricks to getting the best results!

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Swellegant Metal Coating - Iron


Clean the surface of the item to be coated, if necessary. Soap and water will remove any oils. If the surface to be coated is slick or shiny, you may want to rough it up a bit with sandpaper or fine steel wool. Then, start creating!

Metal coatings do not need to be heat treated. They take 4-6 hours to cure, at which point, burnishing will expose the metal in the coating. Detailed instructions also come on the bottle.