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Find everything from Solder, Flux, Pickle, Soldering boards, Tripods, Picks, Torches and even Soldering Kits here. We offer everything you need to get started fusing and soldering silver, gold, copper and bronze jewelry.

Soldering Kit

We also offer the perfect soldering kit to solder sterling silver, fine silver, copper, bronze, brass and gold. You'll get all the basic tools needed to perform small soldering tasks such as balling headpins, soldering chain ends and so much more.

Solder, Pickle, Flux

Find all the essentials for working and finishing with metal clay. We offer Solder, Pickle, and Flux materials to complete your jewelry projects. Choose from a large selection of Pickle Tongs, Scotchbrite® Pads, Boric Acid, Silver Solder Cut Pieces, Silver Solder Paste, Tweezers and more to get the job done.

Soldering Boards, Tripods, Picks

Our Soldering Boards, Tripods and Picks selection provides a variety of tools for soldering and firing to make your metal clay jewelry projects simple to work with. From solder blocks and soldering picks to firing screens, third hands and more, you'll find all your metal clay Soldering tools right here!


Fire your metal clay jewelry projects fast and accurate with quality torches. Choose from a huge selection of jeweler's torches that allow for easy soldering on items like jump rings, chains and balling wire. Attach findings to any metal clay with a torch that is safe and easy to operate.