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Metal Clay

Metal Clay is an innovative craft material used to create one of a kind jewelry, sculpture and artwork. Creating in metal clay is simple and intuitive and opens up possibilities never seen before. Metal clay takes texture and form very easily using hands and simple tools. Transform the dry clay into solid metal object by firing the greenware. Cool Tools offers a complete line of fine silver, silver alloy, gold, bronze and copper PMC and PMC PRO, Bronze Clay, Gold Clay, Copper Clay, Art Clay Silver, Art Clay Copper. We carry every form and package size available in all metal clays at discount prices.

Shop for your Precious Metal Clay right here at Cool Tools starting with PMC. We provide a wide selection of PMC to create fabulous pieces of Metal Clay art and jewelry. Take a look through all of our PMC products and choose from PMC 3, PMC Plus, PMC Standard, PMC Gold, and much more. You will love the fabulous selection of PMC Metal Clay we have to choose from. Find the right PMC you need with the perfect metal content and color. We provide great Precious Metal Clay for all of your jewelry making needs here at Cool Tools.


Cool Tools offers a great selection PMC PRO for your jewelry making needs.PMC PRO is the strongest and most durable silver-alloy metal clay on the market. The tensile strength is most comparable to sterling silver and makes it possible to create beautiful delicate and fine jewelry. Make unique metal clay pieces that won't break or snap. Choose the PMC PRO that fits your needs available in 25 and 50 gram packs. Pick our PMC PRO Firing Kit including Carbon and No Flake Firing Foil to make your PMC PRO jewelry creations come out just right. Cool Tools offers all the PMC products you'll need to be a successful jewelry artist.

Create metal clay jewelry with all the benefits of sterling silver! PMC STERLING handles beautifully and has a longer working time than other clays. PMC STERLING is 3 times stronger than fine silver clays which allows you to make more delicate, thin jewelry. Just like all metal clays, PMC STERLING can be sanded, filed, drilled, carved and shaped. Available in 25 and 50 gram packs. Get your PMC STERLING right here at Cool Tools and start making amazing sterling silver creations.

Bronze Clay

Get all of your Bronze Clay and Bronze Clay accessories right here at Cool Tools for your next jewelry project. We have a fantastic selection of Bronze Clay Products to shop through at affordable prices. Choose from a variety of BRONZclay, BRONZclay Firing Media, BRONZclay Firing Pans & Kits, BRONZclay Tools and much more. You'll truly enjoy browsing through the huge selection of Bronze Clay items. BRONZclay is very affordable, it can be used to sculpt large pieces and create specialized tools as well as thrown on a potter's wheel to shape bronze hollow-ware. Bronze Clay is a great alternative to the rising prices of other metals and clays. Turn to Cool Tools for all of your Bronze Clay needs.

Find all your Silver Clay supplies you need to create amazing jewelry pieces right here at Cool Tools. We offer a huge selection of Silver Clay supplies and accessories to fit any artistic style including Art Clay Silver, PMC, PMC3, PMC Plus and more. Silver Clay offers elegant handling with beautiful results at affordable prices. Silver Clay can be shaped, molded, carved, oxidized with patina, and finished to a stunning shine. Cool Tools has everything you need to create amazing Silver Clay jewelry fast and easy.

Cool Tools provides a wonderful selection of Gold Clay and supplies for all your jewelry projects. Shop through the different varieties of Gold Clay products like 22K Gold Aura 22, 22K Gold Clay, Accent Gold for Silver, Art Clay ACS Gold Paste, Gold Foil Sheet for Keum Boo and more. These Gold Clay products can make your next jewelry project stand out. All of our Gold Clay products and materials are high quality items that are available at affordable prices. For your next jewelry project, Cool Tools offers you all that you will need to create stunning pieces of jewelry with Gold Clay.

Copper Clay

Discover Copper Clay and Copper Clay accessories right here at Cool Tools. COPPRclay™ can be pinched, rolled, sculpted and manipulated. We provide an excellent selection of Copper Clay products to shop through. Find COPPRclay, COPPRclay Firing Media, COPPRclay Firing Pans & Kits, COPPRclay Tools and more. Cool Tools is here to help you start or complete all of your jewelry projects. Copper Clay is another great alternative to rising prices of other metals and clays. With it's rich color, artful versatility, and beauty, Copper Clay offers a world of possibilities to jewelers.

Art Clay

Cool Tools provides a wonderful selection of Art Clay for your next Jewelry venture. Shop through different types of Art Clay varieties like ACS Slow Dry, ACS Low Fire, ACS Standard, ACS Copper, ACS Gold, and many more. All of our different types of Art Clay are quality made. Slow Dry Art Clay Dries 5 times slower than Art Clay Silver Standard which is Perfect for braiding or fine detail. Cool Tools provides everything you will need for your next jewelry making project at discount metal clay prices.

Find all of your Foils, Papers & Slips for working with Metal Clay at Cool Tools. We have a variety of Foils, Paper & Slip products to choose from, so that you can find just what you are looking for. Shop through our Metal Clay Foils, Papers & Slips such as Copper Foil Tape, CoolSlip Anti-Stick Solution, Gold Foil Sheet for Keum Boo and more. All of our Foils, Papers & Slips are made to work perfect for Metal Clay projects. Foils, Papers, and Slips make working with metal clay versatile and easy. Get all of your metal clay Foils, Papers & Slips right here at Cool Tools.

Discover the benefits of Metal Clay Powder available here at Cool Tools. Metal Clay powders come in dry powder form and can be kept for years. Mix only the amount you need so fresh clay with the perfect texture is always at your disposal! Metal Clay Powder offers longer working time with more workable product. Available in several sizes and metal types. Get all your Metal Clay Powders today here from Cool Tools.