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Metal Clay

Cool Tools carries Precious Metal Clay including PMC, Art Clay™ and Metal Magic Silver Clays in lump form, paste and syringe. We also have PMC Aura 22 which is a 22K gold embellishment that is painted onto fired or unfired fine silver clay. Don't forget Art Clay Copper, Metal Adventures COPPRclay, White COPPRclay and BRONZclay.

What is Metal Clay?

Metal clay is an ingenious product that originated in Japan in 1990, taking metal powder, combining it with organic binder to make clay. Metal clay can be used just like any other clay to form pieces of jewelry. After drying and firing your work, the organic binder and water burn off leaving a solid piece of metal. The possibilities of metal clay are astounding, now anyone can make unique pieces of art or jewelry. Mold precious metal clay into the shape, texture or the design you desire, then fire and polish.

Discover all of our Cool Tools products and our great line of cool stuff for working with metal clay! Clay Hydrator, Cool Slip, Jewelry Shape Templates, Patina Gel, ClayMate, Ultra Clay Pick, Texture Tiles, Slik, Cool Rollers, Clay Thickness Rolling Frames, Tuff Cards, Jewel Stamps, AlphaDisc Lettering Systems and more!

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