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About Precious Metal Clays

PMC or Precious Metal Clay is an innovative material used in jewelry making. Cool Tools offers Precious Metal Clay for creating unique and intricate pieces of metal jewelry. Precious Metal Clay allows jewelry makers to more easily shape and design jewelry. Because of the consistency being much like modeling clay, PMC is highly preferred to work with over other clays. Discover more about this amazing material and utilize it for yourself.

Types of Precious Metal Clays

PMC Clay is available in silver and gold varieties. Precious Metal Clay is known for it's standard PMC that is good for intricate detail, and requires very high temperatures. When using PMC 3 the firing times can be as little as 10 minutes. PMC Standard is perfect for adding fine texture. All of Precious Metal Clay at Cool Tools is high quality. Shop through to find the right Precious Metal Clay for your specific Project.

Benefits of Precious Metal Clays

There are many benefits to using Precious Metal Clay for you jewelry making projects. Adding intricate detail, fine texture and making very unique shapes are just some of the advantages of using Precious Metal Clay. Having a similar feel and working properties to modeling clay, Precious Metal Clay is a very beneficial material to use when crafting jewelry. Discover all the benefits of using this amazing material.