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Pliers & Cutters

Shop through our extensive selection of high quality pliers including Lindstrom plier sets, various side cutters, oval and square piers and more. Cut through your metal pieces with help from our metal cutting tools like our metal shears, jewelers saws, metal scissors and more. We provide you with everything you need to cut, bend shape and create all kinds of jewelry.


The right set of pliers can make your jewelry making quicker and easier. Select from Hole Punches, Plier Sets, Side Cutters, Tube Cutting, Shears, Oval, Square, Jumbo Shapes and more. We offer proven brands like Lindstrom, C.H.P. and Wubbers.

Metal Cutting

Find the right tool to cut through your metal smarter and faster from our Metal Cutting selection. Shop our selection of Shears, Jewelers Saws, Tube Cutters and Saw Blades.