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Imagepac UV Photopolymer Kit Essential Photopolymer Frame - 5.5in x 7.25in Photopolymer Paper - English Vellum Steel Backed Photopolymer Plate - Deep
Imagepac UV Stampmaker Essential
Price: $173.25
In Stock
Photopolymer Frame - 5-1/2" x 7-1/4"
Sale Price: $24.00
In Stock

The bare necessities plus the little extras to make it nicer to make photopolymer plates. Comes with 3 video tutorials that are included on an instructional CD.

Large photopolymer frame

Use with an opaque felt pen, copier, laser or ink jet printer to create negatives for photopolymer plate making.

Thickness: 0.06 Relief: 0.06 Hardness: 80

Steel Backed Photopolymer Plate - Medium Steel Backed Photopolymer Plate - Shallow UV Photopolymer Packet - Small
UV Polymer Packet - Small
1 Pak of 10: $24.70
(Out of Stock)

Thickness: 0.06 Relief: 0.04 Hardness: 85

Thickness: 0.04 Relief: 0.03 Hardness: 75

10 small packets
Cool Tools offers all the Photopolymer supplies you need to make your own custom stamps and molds. Photopolymer is a light sensative liquid material that is versatile and easy to use. The liquid marterial turns into rubber and allow any artist to develop their own customer molds, stamps and texture designs. Find Photopolymer Frames, Photopolymer Refill Packets, Photopolymer Trasparency Sheets and more right here at Cool Tools.