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PMC PRO - 50 gram Silver Metal Clay High Strength
PMC PRO Silver Metal Clay High Strength - 50 gram by Cool Tools

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The strongest and most durable silver clay product on the market. .900 fine silver after firing.

PMC Pro - 50 gm

PMC Pro High Strength Silver Clay 50 gramPMC PRO silver metal clay is the strongest and most durable silver clay product on the market. Now you can make rings, bangle bracelets and links that hold up to wear. Create jewelry with delicate tendrils that won't snap. Make sturdy clasps and findings. Roll the clay thinner without sacrificing strength. So much more is possible with this new high strength version of silver metal clay.

PMC PRO has working properties very similar to other metal clays. When moist it can be impressed with textures, rolled into slabs, molded and modeled, and dried over forms for shaping. Create sculpture and jewelry with strength and durability.

The tools used to create for this product are the same as any other silver clay. If you already have silver clay tools, clean them before and after using with PMC PRO, or better yet, dedicate a set of tools just for PMC PRO.

Carved PMC Pro Silver Alloy Clay bangle bracelet by Barbara Becker Simon Dried metal clay, called greenware, can be carved, sanded, sawn, smoothed and refined easily, prior to firing. PMC PRO has more "green strength" than fine silver clays, making it possible to carve and pierce the greenware heavily. Dry pieces can be assembled with a paste made from a thinned version of the clay, and water can be used to bond slabs and elements together in simple or elaborate constructions.

Once fired, PMC PRO has more resistance to scratching, more tensile strength and 5 times the bending strength of PMC 3 products. All in all, this product is a more durable silver clay product.

Because it is an alloy, PMC PRO is a very durable product suitable for rings or findings that require additional strength. Fine silver clays, (PMC+, PMC 3, and Art Clay Silver products) are .999 fine silver. PMC PRO is an alloy, meaning its is made from a mixture of metals. 90% of the metal weight of PMC PRO is fine silver and 10% is a proprietary mix of metals that give strength, hardness, and anti-tarnish properties to the final product. After firing, this product is 900/1000 parts fine silver and can be marked .900 fine silver.


PMC PRO must be fired in a bed of activated carbon to keep it from oxidizing (turning black). Stainless steel firing pans that fit the interior of the kiln are used to contain the carbon and the objects to be fired. Surround each piece in a batch with 1/2 of activated carbon. Fire with the cover in place. PMC PRO shrinks 15 to 20% during firing, which is just a little bit more than PMC Plus and PMC 3 fine silver clays.

Combining Different Clay Types
PMC PRO should not be physically mixed with other clays but it can be used alongside objects made of PMC 3. Fire for 30 minutes on an open shelf (i.e., without using activated carbon) to properly burn off the binder. For the second step of firing, transfer the work to a vessel where it is covered with activated carbon and hold at 1400F (760C) for at least 30 minutes.

After firing, PMC PRO will be white or slightly gray. Finish as you would any other silver clay, by burnishing, sanding, tumbling, or polishing. This product responds well to conventional darkening solutions.

Making Slip
As you work with PMC PRO, you will begin creating dust. Always save your dust and filings for making paste. Add a little water to the dry bits to rehydrate and quickly create the paste consistency you need for the task at hand. Paste can also be made from fresh clay. Use a mini-palette knife to spread some clay out thinly on a small work surface, then paint over with water. Use the mini-palette knife to mix the water into the clay. Repeat this process until you have achieved your desired consistency.

Co-Firing with Fine Silver PMC
The materials can be used side by side but they cannot be mixed together into a single hybrid clay. Similarly, scraps of PMC PRO should be kept separate from your other PMC.

PMC PRO is great for enameling. Use the same procedures as for sterling silver.

Gold Embellishments
Embellish with gold foils and paints. Use the same procedures as for sterling silver.

Use low temp, easy or medium silver solders only. Hard solder is too close to the melting point of this alloy and should not be used.

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