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PMC 960 - 100 grams - Silver Metal Clay
Precious Metal Clay PMC 3 & PMC Sterling - 50 grams each


Kiln Fire: 1500°F / 816°C - 1 hour (optimum)
Shrinkage: 10-15%
Set of 2: $186.40
Made in Japan
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This combo pack includes equal parts of PMC3 and PMC Sterling (50 grams each) for making PMC 960 (100 grams).

PMC 960 - 100 gm

PMC 960 is a clay made from equal parts of PMC3 and PMC Sterling which results in a stronger clay that can be fired on an open kiln shelf without carbon. PMC 960 is 96% fine silver, which gives you all the strength you need for hinges, latches and small, thin pieces. The technique was developed by Celie Fago as the perfect solution for strength and simple firing. This PMC 960 mixture fires at 1500ºF for one hour and does not require carbon firing!

Watch our PMC 960 video below to learn how to mix and use this clay.

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