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Double Ended Spatulas & Carvers - Set of 12 Swivel Blade Wax Carver - Pencil Type Swivel Blade Wax Carver Double Ended Scoop Carver
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Pick Set Deluxe Swiss Tungsten Vanadium Setting Burs 45 degree Hart Bur 4mm 45 Degree Hart Bur 3mm
Pick Set
Set of 3: $11.40
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45 Degree Hart Bur 2mm 45 degree Hart Bur 1.5mm 45 Degree Hart Bur 1mm Deluxe Swiss Tungsten Vanadium 45 degree Hart Burs
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Deluxe Swiss Tungsten Vanadium Round Burs Diamond Needle File Set Diamond Needle File Set Deluxe Tool Steel Scribe
Diamond Needle File Set
Set of 10: $22.95
Diamond Needle File Set
Set of 5: $12.60
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Scratch lines for cutting using a straight edge, metal square, or template.

Precision Hand Files - Cut 2 Precision Hand Files - Cut 0 Tube Wringer Deluxe Swiss Tungsten Vanadium Cup Burs with Wooden Stand Set
Tube Wringer
Price: $31.00
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Plastic Precision Cord Cutter Replacement Blade for Plastic Precision Cord Cutter Metal Professional Cutter Replacement Blade for Metal Professional Cutter
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New Shape & Design Tools

New Shape & Design Tools are here at Cool Tools to add a unique and intricate touch to your jewelry creations. Carve, shape, design, file and drill your metal clay jewelry with help from these precision tools. Shop our new Swivel Blade Carvers, Double-Ended Scoop & Spatula Carvers, Swiss-Milled Bur Sets, Precision Pick Sets, Diamond Needle Files and so much more. Order your precision Shape & Design Tools today to take your jewelry projects to a whole new level.