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  Mediterranean Large Red Frangia Coral - 1 Strand
Natural Mediterranean Large Red Frangia Coral - 1 Strand

Our Mediterranean Large Red Frangia Coral are natural red Mediterranean coral branches. These exceedingly rare, untreated Coral Frangia are pulled from the sea off the coast of the Italian Riviera.

Coral is a gemstone of organic origin. Coral is the skeletal remains of marine animals called coral polyps. Colonies of these tiny creatures build branching structures as they grow, gradually forming reefs and atolls. Most precious coral is found in warm waters. This deep red coral is found in the Mediterranean Sea. The oldest known findings of red coral date from the Mesopotamian civilization, i.e. from about 3000 BC. Believed to bring protection, coral was given as a gift by parents to their young children.

Strand 16" to 20".
1 Strand: $40.00
Product Dimensions: 6mm-7mm x 2mm-4mm
Made in USA
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Product Code: GEM-006

No Fire: Set after firing. Pre-drilled pieces.