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About Metal Clay

Discover Metal Clay, an amazing material used for Jewelry making. Metal Clay is used and sculpted much like ordinary Clay. You can create pieces of jewelry with more control and creativity. Metal Clay is the perfect Jewelry making agent for any jeweler whether beginner or advanced. This substance is versatile, incredibly unique and available at Cool Tools.

Different Types of Metal Clay

Browse through our abundant selection of PMC, Art Clay, Bronze, Copper, Silver, Gold Clay Varieties for your next jewelry endeavor. Find all you are looking for and all the materials and tools you need to get the job done, right here at Cool Tools.

Easy To Use Metal Clay

Metal Clay may appear to work like magic, but it's actually very easy to understand. First you must know what Metal Clay actually is. Creating with Metal Clay is fun and easy. Using Precious Metal Clay to create jewelry is great for intricate detail, fine texture and making very unique shapes.

Precious Metal Clays

Cool Tools offers a great selection of this useful Precious Metal Clay for your jewelry making needs. PMC, or Precious Metal Clay, is a fairly new and innovative material used in jewelry making. Cool Tools offers Precious Metal Clay for creating unique and intricate pieces of metal jewelry.

Silver Clay

When you use Silver Metal Clay you will experience all the fun of working with clay and get the great finished product of solid metal jewelry. With Silver Metal Clay you will be able to create pieces of jewelry that would be next to impossible with other jewelry making techniques.

Bronze Clay

Metal Clay is a fairly new invention to the jewelry world and is becoming a favorite among jewelry makers and beginners. Make sure you choose Bronze Metal Clay for all of the bronze jewelry projects you want to complete.

Copper Clay

Get all your Copper Clay supplies you need right here at Cool Tools. Copper Clay, made from pure copper, is a great way to create beautiful and stunning jewelry pieces. Copper Clay can be rolled, sculpted, pinched and manipulated to form any type of necklace, bracelet, ring, pendant and more. When dried, Copper Clay is still highly flexible allowing for simple carving and applying details for finishing touches. Copper clay is affordable and versatile and great for any jewelry maker.

Uniqueness of Metal Clay

Design and make your very own necklace with unique Metal Clay. Cool Tools offers the best products to get the job done. This unique substance allows you to mold, shape and work with metal easily.

Metal Art Clay

Find out more about the brilliance and flexibility of Metal Art Clay. Metal Art Clay is an ingenious material used for creating beautiful and intricately detailed pieces of jewelry. Purchase your Metal Art Clay today!

PMC vs Art Clay

Metal Clay offers several advantages when creating unique and amazing jewelry. PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and Art Clay offer similar attributes with their own unique advantages that make your jewelry making experience simple. Both brands of metal clay can make you a successful jewelry artist.

Types of Metal Clay Projects

With Metal Clay the possibilities are endless. Discover new techniques and various types of unique jewelry you can make yourself. Working with Metal Clay is fun and easy and the results will amaze you!

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Precious Metal Clay PMC Plus Sheet Square - 5 gram sheet - 6cm x 6cm Precious Metal Clay PMC 3 - 16 gram pak
Price: $15.78
Price: $31.84
PMC Plus Sheet Square - 5 gram sheet PMC 3 - 16 gram pak
Can be fired as low as 1470F. Final product is .999 fine silver. Can be fired as low at 1110F. Can be torch fired in 2 minutes. Final product is .999 fine silver.