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Metal Clay Kits

Cool Tools provides you with an great selection of Kits for whatever jewelry you are interesting in creating. Shop through all of our Kits and choose from Bead Firing Kits, Flexible Clay Kits, Metal Clay Basic Tool Kit, Silver & Gold Soldering Kit, Torch Firing Kits and many more. Here at Cool Tools you will find the exact Kit you are looking for. Start working with better products and easy to understand directions. Select your preferred jewelry kit right here at Cool Tools for your next jewelry project.

Get your message across fast and easy with help from the Cools Tools AlphaDisc Kit. The AlphaDisc Lettering System Kit is a great way to add custom type to your metal clay jewelry projects. This kit has everything you need to add unique and personalized writing to any piece. This kit includes 14 and 18 point font, a lettering and numbering disc, A lettering ring, instructions and more! Choose from several font styles to fit any metal clay jewelry preference! Watch exclusive videos and how to guides free online. Find innovative ways to write on your jewelry right here at Cool Tools.

Cools Tools offers the Bead Firing Kit to better help in understanding this method. Our Bead Firing Kit consists of a high-temperature fused silica firing dish filled with your choice of firing media. You can beautiful pieces of jewelry with this kit. The Bead Firing Kit is easy to understand and learn.

Use BRONZclay & COPPRclay Kits from Cool Tools to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. BRONZclay & COPPRclay Kits offer the essentials for making Bronze and Copper Metal Clay jewelry. These Kits Provide the basic tools needed to get started working with Metal Clay. Work and assemble your creations with our Handy Kits. Start working better and more efficiently with a little help from Cool Tools BRONZclay & COPPRclay Kits.

Discover E3 Etch Kit, an amazing kit contains everything you need to get started etching on copper. Cool Tools offers this quality product for at a very affordable price. A great kit for jewelers looking to create crisp neat designs in no time.

Find a great selection of Flexible Clay Kits here at Cool Tools. These handy Flexible Clay Kits make clay that stays flexible after it dries. Make flexible clay in seconds simply by adding a few drops of glycerine to lump form PMC silver clay. Texture and shape your clay easily. With Flexible Clay Kits, the possibilities are endless.

Cool Tools offers the Foredom Flexible Shaft Jewelers Kit for jewelers. It includes the most popular general purpose hand piece, the Quick Change hand piece which will save time and aggravation. The Foredom Flexible Shaft Jewelers Kit also includes Rotating Bur and Tool Holder and a tube of shaft grease. Get all the right tools here at Cool Tools. Cool Tools provides you with only the best tools, directions and guidance to create beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Add colorful and beautiful glass to your metal clay jewelry projects with help from our Glass Clay Kits. Cool Tools has Glass Clay starter kits featuring innovative and unique GlasClay™. GlasClay™ is glass in a clay-like form that allows you to mold your glass then fire it in a kiln. Make stunning glass beads, pendants sculptures and more. This kit comes with a variety of colors to fit any jewelry makers style. Find everything you need to add custom glass to your jewelry pieces right here at Cool Tools.

Get your ITS Transfer Kit right here at Cool Tools. Our ITS Transfer Kit include such items like ITS Image Sealer, ITS Image Transfer Paper, ITS Image Transfer Solution Refill and more. The Sealer keeps images protected from wear and tear with a tough invisible coating. ITS is a transfer medium that allows you to transfer images onto metal and other surfaces such as glass, wood and unglazed tile.

Find your Metal Clay Basic Tool Kit right here at Cool Tools. We offer the Metal Clay Basic Tool Kit to get you started creating beautiful silver jewelry. This kit includes the essential tools you'll use in all your metal clay work. Discover the fun in creating jewelry with our core Metal Clay Basic Tool Kit.

Start creating beautiful pieces of jewelry with Metal Clay Veneer Kits from Cool Tools. The metal clay veneer kit allows you to create a thin paste of metal clay that can be poured over a surface for a "veneer" of texture, like an embossed sheet of heavy paper. The process is simple and the resulting sheet is flexible and easily stored for future use. Shop through and find your favorites to start your next project.

Discover the Metal Clay Workshop Deluxe Tool Kit at Cool Tools. This is the basic tool kit recommended in the wonderful Metal Clay Workshop DVD, "Workshop at Textures Studio with Hadar Jacobson". With the tools included in this kit, you have the basis for a serious venture into making metal clay jewelry and you can make all the projects shown in the DVD. Get the Metal Clay Workshop Deluxe Tool Kit for your next project right here at Cool Tools.

Cool Tools offers the Photopolymer Kit for jewelers. Start working with more efficient tools and creating more beautiful pieces of jewelry with the Photopolymer Kit. Now you can make your own custom textures and stamps with this easy to use photopolymer kit. The kit uses an ordinary light bulb to cure special packets of light sensitive photopolymer liquid into clear "rubber" stamps.

Discover our Polish & Patina Kit at Cool Tools. This kit gives you the basics you will need to polish and patina your metal clay creations like a professional. With easy to understand instructions when using Liver of Sulfer. Start creating more more exquisite pieces of jewelry with the Polish & Patina Kit from Cool Tools.

Try out our Ring Making Kits from Cool Tools. These kits include a ring mandrel and Redy Pellet Ring Sizers. Our Ring Forming & Sizing Kit contains all the essential tools you need to form and size rings. Get you hands on any of our Ring Making Kits from Cool Tools and start creating beautiful rings.

Cool Tools our Silver & Gold Soldering Kit for jewelers. Get started soldering with this great value kit! PMC is easy to solder. We include everything you need to learn to successfully solder metal clay, sterling silver, copper and gold. Cool Tools offers the best Kits and tools out there. Get your hands on our Silver & Gold Soldering Kit today and start working easier.

Discover carbon firing without the mess. Cool Tools offers a No-Flake Firing Foil Kit that comes with everything you need to eliminate flaking inside your kiln. The kit includes our No-Flake Firing Foil and our Coconut Activated Carbon that is perfect for firing all types of metal clay and gemstones. Make custom firing pans to fit your unique metal clay jewelry making needs. Find innovative and creative products right here at Cool Tools and start saving your kiln today!

You will find quality Torch Firing Kits here at Cool Tools. Select among well made Kits to help you complete your jewelry projects. Choose from Torch Firing Kits and even tripods. Find your preferred Torch Firing Kits here at Cool Tools.

Purchase a Gift Certificate from Cool Tools for the fellow jeweler you know. Cool Tools Gift Cards make great gifts for those looking to start a new hobby or those currently pursuing the art and skill. Fill with the amount you want to give and have it delivered special for the recipient. Giving the gift of Cool Tools is always in style.