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Metal Clay Tools

Here at Cool Tools you will find all of the Metal Clay Tools that you need to create great custom jewelry. We offer just about everything for creating beautiful works of jewelry art. Choose from a full line of Metal Clay Tools such as, Anti-Stick Products, Clay Working Accessories, Needle Tools, Sanding & Filing Materials, Tweezers and much more. No matter what you are looking to create, we have all the right Metal Clay Tools. Start shopping and working easier with help from all of our Metal Clay Tools products.

You'll find a great selection of Anti-Stick Products available here at Cool Tools. Anti-Stick Products are one of the basic tools needed when using all kinds of Metal Clay. Keeping your hands, tools and textures clean is important and Anti-Stick Products are just what you need. Anti-Stick and release products reduce clay residue and will save you time and money by keeping your clay where it needs to be. We offer a complete line of Anti-Stick Products for whatever you are looking to create. Shop our complete selection of Anti-Stick Products today.

Clay Cutting

Use Blades Needle Tools & Palette Knives from Cool Tools to work more easily when creating jewelry. Shop through our great selection of Blades for cutting metal clay and Palette Knives for making, stiring & applying paste, cut off chucks of clay and moving clay where you need it most. These tools are essential to working with metal clay and are a must when creating jewelry. Find it all right here at Cool Tools.

There is nothing more important in metal clay jewelry making than shape. Here you will find a great selection of premium tools to create innovative shapes and eye-catching designs in metal clay. These Clay Shapers & Carving Tools can give you endless possibilities and won't cost you a fortune. Come see the wonderful section of tools for shaping your metal clay right here from Cool Tools.

Get all of your Clay Working Accessories here at Cool Tools. Looking for handy tools that make creating metal clay pieces quicker and easier? We offer only the finest Clay Working Accessories that are hand-selected and tested. These tools and accessories will help you get more done faster. Here you can find versatile tools like the Worksurface & Snake Maker for rolling slabs and making snakes of clay and the fine mist spritzer bottles to fill with distilled water and have on hand for re-wetting clay. Find all these accessories and start saving time today
Get your message across with our large section of Lettering Tools. Put customized words and phrases in your metal clay jewelry using Alphabet Letter Stamps, AlphaDisc Lettering System, Number Stamps, Gothic Letter & Number Punch Set and more. Words and sayings used in jewelry add a unique spin to your projects. No matter what you want to say, we have what you need to say it. Cool Tools has the tools and supplies you need express your passions in your jewelry pieces with Lettering Tools.

Sand, polish and finish your metal clay jewelry projects in style with our wonderful selection Polishing & Finishing supplies available here at Cools Tools. Pick from a vast array of Sanding Pads, Needle Files, Sanding Sticks, Sanding Trays, Sanding Trays and Swabs. Get in all the hard-to-reach spots with unique tools designed to sand and file your pieces.

Cool Tools offers a large selection of Extruders & Syringes to add embellishments and custom features in any metal clay. Get personalized results with a huge selection of proven tools! Cool Tools carries Extruders with several discs for intricate designs. Our different types of syringes are sure to fit any project with several gauges and sizes. Find it all right here at Cool Tools.

Find unique and useful Templates & Shape Cutters for metal clay here at Cool Tools. We offer several different types of tools that make cutting out your metal clay fast and simple. Select the template that offers just the right touch to your jewelry project. Our Shape Cutters come in many shapes and sizes for any jewelry or metal clay project. Find the right Templates & Shape Cutters today!

A work surface and a roller are 2 of the most important tools you will need when working in metal clay. We have a huge selection of Worksurfaces & Rollers to choose from here at Cool Tools. Keeping your metal clay elevated and safe from tools with a work surface and having a roller that does not stick to metal clay are vital to becoming a successful jewelry artist. You will also need a means of gauging the thickness of your clay slabs, and we’ve got you covered with our Cool Roller with calibrated spacer rings or our Clay Thickness Rolling Frames for the easiest solution to metal clay rolling. These provide you with fast and easy ways to roll and work on your metal clay. Check our our large section of Worksurfaces and Rollers