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About Metal Art Clay

Metal Art Clay is an ingenious material used for creating beautiful and intricately detailed pieces of jewelry. Metal Art Clay is essentially powdered metal mixed with water and a non-toxic binder. When Art Clay is heated at high temperatures, the binder is burned away, and all that remains is the solid metal. Discover more about Art Clay products and find your favorite type of Art Clay Silver at Cool Tools.

Types of Metal Art Clay

You will find Metal Art Clay in several different varieties. Art Clay is known for less shrinking when heated and can be fast torched. Choose from Art Clay in ACS Slow Dry, ACS Low Fire, ACS Standard, ACS Copper, ACS Gold and more. It is available in Silver and Gold Metals and is great for many different jewelry projects.

Benefits of Art Clay and Metal Clay Products

Using Metal Art Clay offers many advantages. Art Clay is great when very little shrinkage is desired. Art Clay is also easy to use because it can be fired quickly with a torch. Shaping Art Clay is easy to work with and is much like working with ordinary clay. When you use Metal Art Clay you'll also be happy to know this is a "green" product because it is made from recycled silver.