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Here at Cool Tools you will find all of your Kilns, Kiln Furniture, and Kiln Parts you need to create amazing jewelry of any kind. We offer Metal Clay Kilns, Enameling Kilns, Glass Kilns, and all the furniture and accessories for each. Shop Paragon Kiln, Evenheat Kilns, Amaco Kilns and Olympic Kilns. You will even find all the Ceramic Shelves, Kiln Posts, Fiber Blankets and Kiln Parts you can use. Shop our extensive kiln selection today to create beautiful pieces of jewelry of all sorts.

Cool Tools offers Amaco Trinkit Enameling Kilns which are low cost and efficient. Trinkit Kilns can be used for jewelry making and metal enameling and can fire pieces up to 5 inches. Amaco Trinkit Enameling Kilns are perfect for Silver Clay, Keum Boom techniques, enameling and more! Find all the Trinkit Kilns you need right here at Cool Tools at unbeatable prices.

Evenheat Digital and Manual Kilns provide quality construction with amazing versatility for any metal clay jewerly making project. Cool Tools carries a huge selection of Evenheat Digital & Manual Kilns including the Evenheat Kingpin 88 and the Evenheat Studio Pro STP with viewing window. We also carry variations and provide a selection of features including Evenheat Kilns with Bead Doors and Viewports. Find all your metal clay jewelry making kilns right here at Cool Tools with our great selection of Evenheat Digital Kilns.

Get serious about jewelry with our Jewelry Artist Kiln available right here at Cool Tools.The Jewelry Artist Kiln provides everything you need in a compact, clamshell kiln design. Two separate heat zones provide the ultimate flexibility for any metal clay jewelry making needs. The Jewelry Artist Kiln is powerful, versatile and reliable to get the job done quickly and easily. Use the Jewelry Artist Kiln to fire metal clay, fuse glass, enamel metal and more. Get everything you need for firing right here at Cool Tools.

Cools Tools offers Paragon Digital & Manual Kilns to assist in metal clay jewelry projects. Paragon Kilns make it easy to create the perfect piece of finished metal clay. Choose from such Kilns as Paragon SC1, Paragon SC2, Paragon SC3 Models, Paragon Xpress E9A Models, Paragon Xpress E12A, Paragon Home Artist Kilns, Paragon Firefly Models and many more. We offer both Digital and Manual kilns to fit any metal clay or jewelry making projects. Get your preferred Paragon Digital & Manual Kilns from Cool Tools today.

Cool Tools carries a wonderful selection of Kiln Furniture to add to your kiln and make your metal clay and jewelry making projects fast and simple. We carry a great selection including several sizes and kinds of Kiln Shelves, several sizes of Kiln Posts, Viewport Plugs, SC Series Vent Hole Plugs and more. Find all your Kiln Furniture at affordable prices here at Cool Tools.

Get all your Kiln Parts here at Cool Tools to customize your kiln to fit you unique jewelry making and metal clay needs. Our Kiln Parts section has everything from Heating Elements to Bead Doors & Viewports. Shop throught our selection and find Firefly Digital Pyrometer, Paragon SC2 Doors, Paragon SC2 Door with Bead Door, Paragon SC3 Doors, Replacement Muffles, Replacement Thermocouples and more. Keep your kiln running effecient and properly with help from Cool Tools.

Cool Tools provides the UltraLite Beehive Kiln for jewelry making projects at unbeatable prices. The UltraLite Beehive Kiln is small and handy for firing PMC 3, PMC Plus and Art Clay. This great kiln offers temperature control, brass Keum Boo covers and heats very quickly to get the job done right. The Ultralite Beehive Kiln is a great inexpensive option to firing metal clay. Find yours right here at Cool Tools.