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Kilns & Firing

Here at Cool Tools you will find all of your Kiln & Firing products that you need to create any piece of jewelry. We offer just about everything for creating beautiful works of jewelry with Kiln and Firing Accessories. Choose from a variety of Kiln & Firing products such as our Paragon & Ultralite Kilns as well as an innumerable amount of tools. No matter what you are looking to create, our Kilns and Firing products will help get the job done. Start shopping and working easier with help from all of our Cool Tools.

Cool Tools provides all the Kilns you need for creating any type of jewelry. You will find Metal Clay Kilns, Enameling Kilns, Glass Kilns and Granulation Kilns available in several brands, colors shapes and sizes. Cool Tools also provides all the Kiln Parts and Kiln Furniture you need to help make your kiln firings successful. Getting the right kiln for your unique jewelry making needs can make all the difference to creating breathtaking jewelry.
Amaco Trinkit Enameling Kiln
The Amaco Trinkit Kiln is an efficient, low cost metal enameling kiln for objects up to 5" in diameter. The Amaco can reach a maximum temperature of 1600F (871C) in only 15 minutes. With the Amaco Trinkit Enameling Kiln, it's easy to add color to any jewelry creation.
Evenheat Digital Kilns offer high quality construction with amazing versatility for any metal clay jewelry making project. Check out the Evenheat King Pin 88 for great power with unbelievable ease of use. Evenheat Digital Kilns use the durable Sentry Xpress Controller that makes it easy to fire your unique jewelry pieces.

The Jewelry Artist Kiln  makes it simple to get serious about all kinds of jewelry making. The Jewelry Artist Kiln is compact, and features an innovative clam-shell kiln design. Two separate heat zones provide the ultimate flexibility for any metal clay jewelry making projects.
Cools Tools offers a huge selection of Paragon Digital & Manual Kilns for any of your jewelry projects. Paragon Kilns are specifically designed for your jewelry studio and are extremely popular among jewelers of all types. Choose from Paragon SC1, Paragon SC2, Paragon SC3 Models, Paragon Xpress E9A Models, Paragon Xpress E12A, Paragon Home Artist Kilns, Paragon Firefly Models and many more. Paragon kilns are built to provide you everything you need to make amazing jewelry.
The UltraLite Beehive Kiln is designed for jewelry making projects and offers unbeatable prices. The UltraLite Beehive Kiln is small and handy for all types of clay. This great kiln offers temperature control, brass Keum Boo covers and heats very quickly to get the job done right. The Ultralite Beehive Kiln is perfect for simple jewelry making.
Finishing and Firing your jewelry creations requires the right tools. Cool Tools offers an extensive selection of firing tools, accessories and equipment to make sure your jewelry projects turn out just the way you imagined.. Our Firing Accessories will easily help finish projects of all types and offers Carbons, Firing Containers, Kiln Furniture and more. Our expanded Torch selection helps you with your torch firing and soldering needs. Get your Firing tools and equipment today right here from Cool Tools and start making firing easy.