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  Jewelry Shape Template - Mehndi Frames
Jewelry Shape Template - Mehndi Frames

Only genuine Jewelry Shape Templates have a frosted surface. This special surface makes it easy to find these templates on your workbench, but allows clarity for positioning.

See instructions for use below and watch the video workshop using the Cushion Template design. The Layered Necklace project will give you an idea of what can be done with these templates. Utilize the graduated sizes and different shapes to make endless design variations.

Use our Ultra Clay Pick for best results! (CRV-103)

Price: $6.95
Product Dimensions: 3-1/2" x 5"
Made in USA
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Includes 2 different styles in graduated sizes to create various components that work with each other for sets and collections.
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Jewelry Shape Templates by Cool Tools can be used to create fabulous shapes in silver clays, copper and bronze clays, polymer clays, ceramic clays, sheet metal or from paper.

To use with clay, rather than cutting out a complicated pattern, I press the template into the clay slab and cut around the impression. It's a lot easier to cut this kind of fancy shape this way. This also allows me to cut outside of the line instead of inside, giving me the intended shape more easily and allowing me to refine the edges without losing any of the design.

To create the impression, start with a plain or textured slab placed on a Tuff Card or other work surface. Position the template over the slab. Press the template, which has been misted with Cool Slip, into the clay. You can use your fingers to press around the design using firm pressure, or place an acrylic disc or work surface over the template shape and press firmly. Remove the template and cut away the excess clay with a needle tool.

A needle tool can also be used to cut the shape directly, using the template edges as a guide. Use a very fine needle tool. Start at the outside corners and cut to the inside corners for the cleanest cuts. Remove the template and lift away the excess clay.

For use on sheet metal, use a Scotchbrite pad to give the surface a soft satin finish, then use a scribe to scratch the shape onto metal. China white can also be used to paint on a white surface that can be scratched away, or another method is to cover the metal surface with a label, then trace the shape with a sharpie. It's easier to see it this way and helps with more accurate cutting.

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