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Headband Magnifier with Light and Lens Set LED Light Bar Loupe - Triplet 10X Optivisor 2X
LED Light Bar
Price: $139.00
In Stock
Loupe - Triplet 10X
Price: $20.15
In Stock
Optivisor 2X
Price: $46.95
In Stock

The light is on when horizontal and pivots 90 degrees upright to turn off.

Optivisor LED Light Optivisor-Optiloupe Attachment 2-1/2X Portable Folding Lamp Replacement Bulb for ACC-115
Optivisor LED Light
Price: $24.95
In Stock
Portable Folding Lamp
Price: $31.00
In Stock
Replacement Bulb for ACC-115
Price: $6.75
In Stock

Portable folding light comes with a 13 watt daylight bulb.

Replacement bulb for the portable folding lamp.

Replacement bulb for Headband Magnifier with Light and Lens Set Replacement Lens #10 Replacement Lens #5 Triplet 10X Lighted Loupe
Replacement Lens #10 - 3.5X
Price: $28.95
In Stock
Replacement Lens #5 - 2.5X
Price: $27.95
In Stock
Triplet 10X Lighted Loupe
Price: $36.70
In Stock

Magnifying & Optical

Cool Tools offers a range of lighting and magnifying products. These tools will help the jewelry artist achieve perfect design within even the smallest of projects. Small etchings and engravings made easy with opti-visor and our selection of LED lighting equipment. Inspect the gems you receive with Triplet 10x lighted loupe.