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  Imitation Peacock Opal Gemstone - Cabochon Oval 8mm x 10mm Pkg - 1
Imitation Peacock Opal Gemstone - Cabochon Oval 8x10mm - Pak of 1

Opal, hydrous silicon dioxide, is a non-crystalline form of quartz containing up to 30 percent water. There are many types of opal. The name Opal comes from the Sanskrit upala, meaning “valuable stone.”

The Egyptians and Babylonians held opal in high esteem as a powerful protective amulet against disease and referred to it as the “Gem of the Gods.” One story says that the storm god, jealous of the rainbow god, broke the rainbow. The pieces fell to earth and became part of the opal.

Pkg of 1: $6.75
Product Dimensions: 8mm x 10mm

Made in China
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Product Code: LAB-249

No Fire: Set after firing.