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Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy - High Strength - 1 oz Tool Rest Bead Rake and 12 Mandrels Bead Release 4oz
Bead Making Tool Rest
Price: $7.54
In Stock
Bead Rake with 12 Mandrels
1 Set: $10.42
In Stock
Bead Release 4oz
Price: $9.97
In Stock
Bead Torch Designing Gold Pen
Bead Torch
Price: $37.92
In Stock
Designing Gold Pen
Price: $46.26
In Stock
Glass Cutter - Dry Wheel
Price: $4.75
In Stock
Glass Hot Gloves
Sale Price: $5.00
In Stock
Glass Kiln Paper
Sale Price: $5.00
In Stock
Glass Nipper Cutters
Price: $15.23
In Stock
Glass Pliers
Price: $5.13
In Stock
Glass Graphite Paddle Heat Resistant Work Surface for Glass MAPP Propane Gas Bottle Holder Texturizing Marver Set
Graphite Paddle
Price: $14.06
In Stock
Heat Resistant Work Surface for Glass
Price: $18.90
(Out of Stock)
MAPP Propane Gas Bottle Holder
Price: $8.06
In Stock
Marver Set - Texturizing
Sale Price: $10.00
In Stock
Parallel Bead Press Safety Glasses Stainless Steel Bead Rake
Parallel Bead Press
Price: $20.61
In Stock
Safety Glasses
Price: $3.96
In Stock
Stainless Steel Bead Rake
Price: $5.27
In Stock
Cool Tools offers a vast array of Glass Tools for fusing glass fast and simple. Shop through our selection of Glass Nipper Cutters, Glass Dry Wheeled Cutters, Glass Pliers, Fuseworks Glass Fusing Kits, Glass Kiln Paper and more. Discover all the tools and supplies you need to make beautiful jewelry and fuse glass easily.