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  Book: Glass Kiln Casting by Dan Fenton
Glass Kiln Casting by Dan Fenton

First published in 1997, Jim Kervin and Dan together wrote what has become one of the best instructional books on kiln casting glass. Completely revised with the second edition in 2000, this books covers:

Sculptural work
Using the techniques presented in this book, learn to model in a number of different media and how to transform that model into a finished piece of glass sculpture.

Hollow Vessels
With slight modifications, these same techniques will also allow you to form beautiful glass vessels with intricate details

Learn to apply the techniques to make gorgeous glass beads and pendants.

Learn techniques for modeling with wax, clay and other organic materials. Learn to make wax replicas of your model allowing you to make a casting series based on a single original model.

 Mold construction
Learn about composition of investment materials and what they do. You will learn how to orient your models in the molds for best results,  how to mix and cast your investment molds, how to make your molds stronger, and how to prepare your molds for glass casting.

Casting techniques
Learn to use glass frit and glass pastes. You will learn how different glasses behave and which may be better for your work.

Kiln procedures
Learn about the different steps in a firing schedule and how to determine what you should be using in your work. You will learn about the theory of annealing and how to apply it to all of your work, and how to control your kiln to get good results.

You will learn how to safely use your equipment. You will learn which materials are toxic and how to handle them. You will learn what to do about eye protection.

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Reference manual and guide. In depth instruction on every aspect of kiln casting glass.