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Glass & Embellishments

Here at Cool Tools you will find all the products you need to add unique Surface Embellishments to your metal clay jewelry. We offer a great selection of Its products for transferring images to multiple surfaces. Utilize our selection of Keum Boo materials and use this ancient technique to customize your creations. Look through our selection of Epoxies and Resins to fit your metal clay jewelry making needs. Find it all right here at Cool Tools.

Discover Epoxies & Resins to customize your metal clay jewelry creations. Resin is made from liquid plastic that turns solid to add to your unique jewelry! Find Magic-Gloss, a great crystal clear, non-toxic, sunlight curing dimensional resin that can make your jewelry shine. Shop through our epoxies to help bring your custom creations together. Cool Tools offers Epoxies & Resins to personalize your jewelry pieces fast and easy!

Cool Tools offers a huge selection of Gilders Paste for adding brilliant color to your jewelry creations. Gilders Paste is a non-fading metallic gilding coloring medium for metals and other surfaces. Creating beautiful color effects has never been easier! Use on any type of metal and other surfaces. Choose from over 20 different colors. Get all your Gilders Paste and other surface embellishing materials right here at Cool Tools.

Learn about Keum Boo, the simple, ancient technique of applying gold metal foil to silver and other metals to make silver-gilt. Mastering Keum boo is very simple and easy with the right tools and know how. Discover our selection of Agate Burnishers, AmacoTrinkit Kilns, Ultra Lite Beehive Kilns, Keum Boo Sheets and Instructions. Add more value and beauty to your designs and discover Keum Boo.

Start texturing your metal clay jewelry with our Metal Etching supplies. Metal Etching is a chemical process for etching and texturing metal clay. We carry the right supplies to get it done. Add textures to your designs with etching and roller printing. Find everything you need right here at Cool Tools.

Customize your metal clay jewelry with our selection of Slide Trasfers materials. We carry Its products to quickly and easily transfer images onto your jewelry and other creations. Add custom touches to glass, wood, unglazed tile, or any metal clay. Find Its Transfer Kits, Its Image Sealers and more. Cool Tools offers you innovative and unique products to help you add your own personal touch to your creations.